The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Promotion Authority

Promotion authority within the Imperial Navy is as follows...

Promoting Officer Rank May Promote Up To...**
Fleet Admiral (FA) Any & All
(Besides Grand Admiral)
Admiral (AD) Commodore (CD)
Vice Admiral (VA) Line Captain (CL)
Rear Admiral (RA) Captain (CP)
Commodore (CD) Wing Commander (WC)
Line Captain (CL) Commander (CM)
Captain (CP) Lt. Commander(LC)
Wing Commander (WC) Lt. Commander(LC)
Commander (CM) Lt. Commander (LC)
Lt. Commander(LC) Lieutenant (LT)
Lieutenant (LT) Sub-Lieutenant (SL)

** - Given promotion authorities are typical. Due to the widespread use of naval ranks, naval officers serving outside the standard units of the Imperial Navy itself may possess a promotion authority different to that listed above.

Promotion Restrictions

The following additional, Navy-specific restrictions are imposed upon promotions conferred within the Imperial Navy:

  1. Promotion to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant or above requires prior completion of the Imperial Academy's Imperial Navy Officer Certification course.
  2. Promotion to the rank of Lieutenant or above requires prior completion of the Imperial Academy's Imperial Navy Squadron Leadership Certification course.
  3. A pilot must hold a Basic Combat Certification (as issued by the Imperial Academy) for the primary game platform of their squadron. (e.g.- A pilot in a TIE-based squadron cannot be promoted into an XvT-based squadron, unless he possesses a Basic Combat Certification in XvT.)

Promotion Notices

Promotion Notices in standard Imperial Navy service should be routed as follows...

The Commander of the Navy carries the right of final approval over all "standard" Imperial Navy promotions and to all naval promotions conferred outside the Imperial Navy division or within non-standard Navy units (such as the GE flagship, special-operations vessels, and elite squadrons).

Demotions Note

It is herein noted that Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel has expressly empowered the Commander of the Navy to demote standard Navy officers all throughout the Navy...