The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Status Changes

All fully-instated officers of the Empire are considered to have either an "Active" or "Reserve" status.

Another status – "Inactive" – also exists within the Empire Reborn database... It is utilised for former officers, as it indicates that an individual's Imperial service (GE membership) has ended.

There are only two overall types of status changes:

Requested Status Change
An officer's status is being changed at their specific request.
Forcible Status Change
An officer's status is being changed forcibly, without a specific request from them to change it.

A Division may form its own policies on which of its Division Commander and Personnel Officer (see: Division Commands) are responsible for what types of changes. However – to ensure that basic handling of the member rosters remains uniform throughout The Galactic Empire – the following universal policies must be observed in all cases...

In regard to AWOLs:

  • When an officer becomes AWOL – as defined in the Imperial Charter – their commanding officer(s) have the option of requesting the officer's removal. However, the commanding officer(s) should have made at least two attempts at e-mail contact in the time during which the subordinate became AWOL.
  • Officers reported AWOL shall be removed via a transfer to the GE Reserves.

In regard to Desertions:

  • When an officer has Deserted – as defined in the Imperial Charter – their commanding officer(s) have the duty of reporting the Desertion.
  • As erroneous Desertion reports tend to be filed, officers should report Desertions by forwarding an e-mail error message that "bounced back" from the Deserter's account. The message shall be reviewed to confirm that the account is indeed invalid, and not simply experiencing temporary/transient errors.
  • Officers confirmed as having Deserted shall have their status set to "Inactive".
  • Officers whose e-mail accounts are experiencing transient (temporary) errors such as "over quota", "connection deferred", "mailbox full", etc., cannot be labelled as Deserters and should not be set "Inactive". However, if the "temporary errors" continue for an appropriate length of time with no word from the officer, they may be declared AWOL and handled accordingly.

In regard to overall handling:

  • Officers who undergo a forcible status change must still be carbon-copied on the change, to keep them informed of their membership status. The standard chain-of-command – up to and including the Division Commander – should also be CCed.
  • If an officer is requesting departure from the GE, and:
    • there is any indication that they may be unaware of their option to transfer to the Reserves; or
    • it appears they are leaving out of necessity rather than desire

    ... they should, in fact, be transferred to the Reserves, and then further modified to "Inactive" only if they request complete departure from the GE.

  • If an officer is requesting departure from the GE, and they:
    • specifically state they do not wish to transfer to the Reserves; or
    • clearly indicate a desire to be completely removed from all GE activities, rosters, mailing lists, etc.

    ... then their status should be set directly to "Inactive".

  • When in any doubt, roster-maintaining personnel should err toward assigning a departing officer to the Reserves rather than setting them "Inactive"... Over time, continued membership in reserve status has traditionally yielded the return of many fine officers to the ranks of the Imperial forces.