The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Section Reports

Division Commanders and directors of Imperial Institutions – being the highest representatives of major sections of The Galactic Empire – are responsible for reporting on behalf of their respective sections... Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel wishes to maintain direct and well–informed working relationships with all High Command officers: a necessity in commanding the operations of the GE as a whole, and ensuring all sections have active commanders able to lead their day–to–day operations.

Pursuant to this, a "personal status report" need be submitted on a regular basis. The criteria is flexible and mandates no formal structure, save that the general status of a section and the reporting commander need be need be conveyed to the Supreme Commander no less frequently than weekly.

In addition, it is expected that public status reports get regularly posted to the Section Reports facility on the Empire Reborn domain for permanent archival... Their purpose is threefold in relaying the prominent news of a section to its officers, to the Supreme Commander, and to the Galactic Empire as a whole.

These have a "recommended interval" of bi–weekly, although this may be adjusted to no more frequently than weekly, or no less frequently than tri–weekly, if warranted by an excess or lack of news... As with the private variety, there is no "minimum size" report length is dictated by the amount of news available. However, several important notes apply...

Public reports:

  • Should, where applicable, contain a briefing from the reporting commander on the section's overall status, including current officer and cadet counts.
  • Should, when applicable, highlight any prominent new items of internal news or progress.
  • Should not (insofar as the version posted to the Empire Reborn) be a massive re–iteration of general GE news external to the section (although including such information in e–mailed copies may be beneficial to one's subordinates). The central reporting facility itself is intended to circulate the section's highlights to the Empire, not the Empire's highlights to the section.

To a commander's benefit, releasing a public report eliminates the need for a private status report during that given week.