The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.


Commendations are miscellaneous awards bearing some semblance to Service Medals. Similarly, each is a prominent award for specific services or qualities, and registered into Officer Profiles. Unlike medals, commendations are incorporeal, and not displayed on uniforms or ID-Lines.

Meritorious Contribution Commendation

As an expression of the Supreme Commander's personal thanks, the Meritorious Contribution Commendation is awarded for each quality submission of graphics, fiction, or other material to the GE Official Newsletter. It may be issued to a single officer a maximum of three times for each issue of the Newsletter.

HoloNet Achievement Commendation

The HoloNet Achievement Commendation is awarded by the Director of Reconnaissance Operations, and issued as often as once per week. It is awarded to an officer for webmastering a site that is spotlighted by Recon (most often as an "Imperial Site of the Week").

Trivia Moderation Commendation

The Trivia Moderation Commendation is bestowed as a formal thanks and reward to officers who formulate and moderate approved Trivia at a GE IRC Meeting. It is issued once for each session moderated.

GERLM Commendation

Although the official operations of the GE are confined to the Internet, select officers took the initiative to organise the "GE Real-Life Meeting" in 2001. An initial medal proposal was denied, but Grand Admiral Daemon nevertheless agreed to create the GERLM Commendation, recognising the dedication of those who organised and attended this event.

Letter of Commendation

A Letter of Commendation may be awarded by any commanding officer to a subordinate who has done well in his or her duties, or performed above them. The award is meant to recognize things that do not rate a Medal of Merit, but should be noted on the officer's permanent record.

Outer Sectors Veteran Commendation

At the end of the Outer Sectors Campaign, Fleet Admiral Polanski wished to officially recognize all officers who contributed to the Empire's efforts... The Outer Sectors Veteran Commendation may only be awarded once, and only to officers who participated in that campaign. As such, there was a limited window of time during which this commendation was awarded...


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award may only be awarded by the Supreme Commander to officers who serve with distinction throughout their careers, upon retirement. The award is almost never worn by officers on active duty, except in special circumstances. It is awarded solely by the Supreme Commander.

Combat Medallions

Combat Medallions are classified as Unit Honours, being held by units rather than awarded to individuals. They provide one way to measure a unit's overall combat activity, and a method by which units that are particularly organised in this regard may display their prowess. The criteria are as follows:

  • Gold Combat Medallion (GCM)
    Held while 75% or six pilots of a squadron (whichever is greater) have completed a given Simulation.
  • Silver Combat Medallion (SCM)
    Held while 50% or four pilots of a squadron (whichever is greater) have completed a given Simulation.
  • Bronze Combat Medallion (BCM)
    Held while 25% or two pilots of a squadron (whichever is greater) have completed a given Simulation.

Each Combat Medallion corresponds to a given Campaign or Simulation -- Delta Squadron, for example, may hold a GCM for ERS-1, and BCMs for ERS-2 and ERS-3. Unit Honours are automatically determined by the Imperial rosters, and are displayed on each unit's roster.


  1. Combat Medallions are not "permanent" awards, but held only while a squadron qualifies -- which may be altered positively by pilots flying more missions, and both positively and negatively by changes in a squadron's roster.
  2. These awards are progressive (not cumulative), which means that if Beta Squadron holds a GCM for ERS-1, they do not not also hold a SCM and a BCM for the same simulation -- Combat Medallions are "upgraded" and "downgraded" as necessary.
  3. The absolute minimums (6 pilots for a GCM, 4 for a SCM, and 2 for a BCM) are enforced to prevent newly-commissioned units or units with temporary drops in membership from obtaining an unfair advantage.

AWARDED BY: Automatic

Combat Medallions