The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Promotion Policies

In commanding officer handling of promotions, the following policies apply:

  1. Commanding officers possessing "promotion authority" make a promotion through an e–mailed Promotion Notice. (Local divisional policies outline to whom a Promotion Notice should be directed.) Said Promotion Notice shall immediately put the promotion into effect on an acting basis, until final approval is obtained or denied.
  2. In addition to any local policies, all of the following must be met for a Promotion Notice to be deemed valid:
    • The Promotion Notice must contain both the old and new ID–Lines of the promoted officer.
    • Officers may only promote others into positions that fall beneath their own direct command.
    • If a rank promotion necessitates placement into a certain position, an officer may only make a promotion when there is an applicable vacancy on the rosters.
  3. To uphold the intentions & integrity of "promotion authority", commanding officers that exercise a right to deny Promotion Notices must deem a just cause, consistent with the factors governing promotions put forth in the Imperial Charter.
  4. All promotions made within the Empire need be carbon–copied to the Supreme Commander and ISB General by the officer who grants final approval to the promotion.

Demotion Policies

In commanding officer handling of demotions, the following general policies apply:

  1. Excluding an order of the Supreme Commander or a sentence of the Emperor's Court, only Division Commanders carry the authority to order demotion of officers within their Divisions.
  2. At the discretion of the same, commanding officers not fulfilling their basic responsibilities may be demoted to a lower rank. (Although it is highly recommended to first issue appropriate warnings, and attempt to resolve a solution more peaceable than forcible demotion with the lax commander.)
  3. Demotion for failure to fulfil basic responsibilities is intended as a last resort solution for ranking officers that are "present but not sufficiently active". In the unfortunate instance of a commanding officer going entirely AWOL, a direct transfer to the Reserves is the intended solution.
  4. All demotions made within the Empire need be carbon–copied to the Supreme Commander and ISB General by the officer ordering or otherwise granting final approval to the demotion.