The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Official Title(s)

  • ISB General
  • General of the Imperial Security Bureau

HoloNet Alias(es)

Brief Synopsis

The ISB General is chief of Imperial security throughout The Galactic Empire... Officers having problems with abusive/unruly members of the GE – or reporting an alleged infraction of Imperial Law – should send a detailed complaint to the ISB General, with a carbon–copy to the Supreme Commander.

The ISB General is also the primary overseer of all official public communications facilities, including the GE IRC Channel and Message Boards. (See: Communications)

Position Description

The ISB General is the Division Commander of the Imperial Security Bureau, which works to overtly maintain security & morale within The Galactic Empire... He thusly possesses most standard powers & responsibilities of a DivCom, with modifications in recognition of the ISB's unique & specialized role.

A rank with much authority, there is only one ISB General at any given time, making the title & rank synonymous... Although his methods may sometimes seem abrupt, he is working in the interests of total fleet security, and his orders are to be followed.

This is not a man to trifle with, as he reports directly to the Supreme Commander, and is authorized to take whatever steps he deems necessary to ensure the safety, order, and loyalty of the entire fleet... The holder of this position is always one of the Empire's most loyal & trusted officers, and as such, the Supreme Commander offers the ISB General his full support to enforce Imperial Law in any section of the Empire during his absence.

In the event that there is no serving ISB–General – as is the case currently, as a result of reduced officers available – your own division commander is charged with acting in the capacity of the ISB–General in many official matters. Other matters are handled by the Supreme Commander.

Special Duties

The position of ISB General also carries the following special duties:

  • Must possess expert knowledge of Imperial Law.
  • Must have a regular presence at the GE's IRC Channel, Message Boards, and any other such major Imperial communications facilities, enforcing appropriate regulations.
  • Should attempt to be present at GE IRC meetings, or if this is impossible, to have a representative of the ISB on deck.
  • Must review all ISB applications, and make inductions into the Bureau.
  • Must supervise all official investigations.
  • Must act as the Bureau's official gateway to the Emperor's Court.
  • Must, in consultation with the Supreme Commander, ensure fleet security (to this end, the ISB General is considered the Supreme Commander's chief advisor on the state of security & morale within The Galactic Empire).

Special Note

There is only one ISB General at any given time, who is the ISB's Division Commander, and charged with overseeing the entire Imperial Security Bureau.

The term "ISB General" is ubiquitous, being both a rank and a position, which refer to a single individual.

The ISB General is granted level 425 X access in #Galactic_Empire.