The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

To receive proper credit for completing custom missions, one's commanding officer(s) must verify that the missions were indeed completed, as detailed below... Some regulations contained herein may appear strict, but as the Navy's pilots and Army's troops take the utmost of pride in their skills, most are in place to ensure that the "honesty" of scores can be verified.

Completion Requirements

To receive credit for completing a given Empire Reborn Simulation, all primary objectives must be completed in all missions! (Partial credit is not available for completing 3 missions of a 4–mission battle.)

To obtain credit for completing a Simulation, an officer will always be required to send in a pilot file (savegame) or a screenshot, based on the platform... Pilot file formats are *.TFR for TIE, and *.PLT for XvT and BoP (although BoP also creates PL2 files, only the PLTs are necessary). X–Wing Alliance also generates PLT files. Empire at War and Galactic Battlegrounds scores are computed with screenshots.

Note that each Simulation must be flown on its own new pilot file, as this assists in tallying scores & identifying fraudulent files. If scores for anything more than a single Imperial Navy Simulation are present on a pilot file, the file will not be eligible to receive credit.This consideration does not apply to screenshots.

Pilot File & Screenshot Retention

Officers are strongly advised to retain a permanent archive or backup of all pilot files (savegames) and screenshots used to obtain official credit for completing custom missions.

Occasionally, "high score charts" may need to be wiped for some or all missions. The GE attempts to keep such incidents to an absolute minimum, but un–intentional errors or changes in scoring rules may periodically make them necessary. Since the GE cannot reasonably retain and re–review all savegames ever submitted, it will remain an officer's personal responsibility to re–submit the pilot files for any high scores or other standings they wish to re–claim.

Pilot File Submitting Structure

Officers who have completed simulations typically e–mail pilot files (savegames) to their direct superiors.

NOTE: Officers serving in special capacities outside the standard Imperial Navy and Imperial Army structures should e–mail the Supreme Commander to discover the appropriate file submission policy.

After an officer submits a file, the officer receiving it reports their scores by way of a Flight Performance Report (FPR). The Tactical Coordinator subsequently reviews & processes all FPRs, which entails registration of the completed mission(s) into the pilot's GE Officer Profile, entry of any high scores achieved into the appropriate high score charts, and confirming that the pilot has been credited. Any applicable awards or upgrades to the pilot's Medal of Combat will follow shortly thereafter.

Commanding Officer Review & Handling

A commanding officer, upon receiving a properly–submitted file, should do the following...

  1. Confirm receipt to the submitter immediately.
  2. Look the file over for fraudulence.
  3. Extract the scores. (IMPORTANT –– SEE: Reviewing Mission Files)
  4. File a Flight Performance Report (FPR) via GE Administration within a reasonable time period. (Approx. 5 days)