The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Bestowing medals & awards is one of The Galactic Empire's most integral methods of officer reward and recognition... As a loyal officer, you may be rewarded for a variety of services.

As put down by Grand Admiral Daemon:

"Outside of one's own good-standing reputation as an officer & a gentleman, two factors that contribute highly to any officer's prominence are their rank, and their medals. Ranks within The Galactic Empire are considered non-permanent; they equate directly to a person's authority, responsibility, and the nature of their position at any given time. Medals, however, are a permanently–held reflection of the exemplary services that one has performed throughout their Imperial career."

Medal Types

As has been the case since its very inception, the Galactic Empire has implemented a system of medals and other honours which may be awarded to its various officers and members. All GE honours break down into three categories:
  • Merit Medals
    ...encompass many of the most valued awards, and are issued when deemed fitting by one's superiors for exceptional performance "above and beyond the call of duty".
  • Service Medals
    ...are highly regarded medals, carrying with them a fixed standard of what services each is awarded for. Some Service Medals need be requested by superior officers; others are automatically awarded by the Empire once an officer has performed specific services.
  • Miscellaneous Awards
    ...include various prestigious honours that do not properly classify as medals.

ID–Line Display

This chapter explains the proper protocols for an officer's medals to be displayed in their GE ID–Line. This data is not necessary to construct your personal medal listing or ID–Line – which may always be found within your GE Officer Profile – but will assist you in understanding their meaning. That said...

All Galactic Empire officers are issued an ID–Line based on their rank and stationing. ID–Lines must be included in all official communications for purposes of identification.
An example Imperial Navy ID–Line is: EN Kardock / Alpha 1–2 / ISD Chimaera / Imperial Navy

These mandatory ID–Lines are, most technically, the main line of one's ID–Line. In the interests of prestige, officers have the option of displaying medals received – according to the conventions below – on a second line known as the medals line of the ID–Line.

Medals may be displayed on the second line of an officer's ID–Line, must be represented by abbreviation only, and should be enclosed in "square brackets".


CM Kardock / SCS–1O / ISD Demolition / Imperial Navy
[SS] [MoM]x2 [MoC–2S] [MoT–BG] [MoX]
.. where Commander Kardock has received a Silver Seal (SS) once, a Medal of Merit (MoM) twice, the Medal of Combat, Double Stripe (MoC–2S), the Medal of Tactics, Bronze Grade (MoT–BG), and the Medal of Expansion (MoX).

Explanation of Example

Multiple awards should be depicted by appending xn on the right hand side of the brackets, where n is the number of times the medal has been received (e.g. [MoM]x4, if an officer has received the Medal of Merit 4 times). Medal abbreviations should not be listed more than once per medal.

ID–Line Medal Order

All Merit Medals should appear first, in order of importance, followed by competition–related Service Medals and then other Service Medals, both in alphabetical order (a complete list has been provided below).

ID–Line Medal Rankings, in display order:

  • Order of the Empire [OE]
  • Legion of Palpatine [LoP]
  • Gold Seal [GS]
  • Silver Seal [SS]
  • Bronze Seal [BS]
  • Imperial Star [IS]
  • Medal of Merit [MoM]
  • Imperial Combat Cross [ICC]
  • Imperial Victory Cross [IVC]
  • Imperial Victory Medal [IVM]
  • Academy Award for Excellence (Historical) [AAEH]
  • Academy Award for Excellence [AAE]
  • Long Service Medal [LSM]
  • Medal of Combat [MoC]
  • Medal of Tactics [MoT]
  • Medal of Expansion [MoX]

This Official Guide to Medals & Awards was first published on 2000–10–08 by former Grand Admiral Daemon and has been revised by Fleet Admiral Fel and Imperial Officer Polanski... It serves as the sole, central repository of information on Galactic Empire honours. (While this document does contain formal medal graphics, please visit the Imperial Uniform Depot to find medal ribbons for placement on GE uniforms.). In 2008, the OGMA was merged into the Imperial Officers' Manual, in order to consolidate documents.