The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.


In the course of many Imperial careers, a time came when an officer found their ability to perform their duties suffering from time constraints or other "real-life" factors... For those who find they must resign from active service entirely, transfers to the GE Reserves are available.

Simply put: Any fully-instated Imperial officer who is unable to continue serving in a full active capacity for an extended period of time, is encouraged to change their status to that of a Reserve. Un-like total resignation, Reserves continue to be considered part of the Empire's forces, and receive official news updates via e-mail... In terms of the Galactic Empire universe, they are simply standing-by (or "reserved") to enter into battle should the need arise.

A Reserve's sole activity requirement is to ensure that the GE remains updated with a valid e-mail address for its rosters.

Each Division is responsible for maintaining its "reserves roster"... To initiate a transfer to or from the Reserves, an officer need simply contact their Division Command.

Important Considerations

Although a transfer to the Reserves may be requested by any fully-instated officer, it should not be considered the first choice in most cases...

Depending on one's duties, short leaves of absence ranging from one week up to thirty days may be taken during brief periods of intense "real-life" obligations. For an Imperial commander who no longer has the time or inclination to perform his duties, the suggested remedy is to step down to a less demanding position, considering that the most basic active membership only requires periodic e-mail contact on a weekly-to-monthly basis.

The rank of Reserve (RES) is very advantageous for those who cannot hold any active position, but carries seniority only over regular civilians and cadets... Higher rank is returned upon reinstatement into active service.

Reserves must remain "inert", meaning that they may not participate in regular competitions or activities for which official recognition (such as medals) may be received.


The GE Reserves implementation of ID-Lines follows a simple format, as follows...



RES Kardock / Naval Reserves CM / / Reserves
... where Reserve Kardock had achieved the rank of Commander at the height of his Imperial Navy career.