The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

Each full Division of the Empire has a Division Command; its internal commanding body, responsible for overseeing its day–to–day operations. Each Division Command at least contains a single, overall Division Commander (DivComm).
Other Division Command members may be present, and are generally afforded rank such that they answer directly to the Division Commander.

Similar to how the members of Imperial High Command oversee facets of The Galactic Empire as a whole, officers in a Division Command have charge over one or more areas of the Division's administration through filling one or several of the following roles:

Imperial Academy Dean (Dean)
An Imperial Academy Dean oversees the training of all cadets for a single Division.
The role of Dean also constitutes an Imperial Academy staff position, as all cadets are technically in attendance of the Academy... Deans are the direct subordinates of Division Commanders (and DivComs are the primary officers responsible for their appointment & supervision), but they are also answerable to the Imperial Academy Commandant insofar as their conformance to Academy policies.
Among a Dean's duties are...
  • Reviewing applications from citizens seeking entry into their Division
  • Maintaining the roster of cadets for their Division
  • Providing assistance to their Division's cadets, where required
  • Reviewing training materials (savegames, etc.) submitted by their Division's cadets
  • Sending weekly status reports (carrying general cadet statistics) to their Division Commander and the Imperial Academy Commandant
Personnel Officer (PO)
A Personnel Officer is the primary officer responsible for maintaining a Division's official rosters (excluding cadets). A dedicated personnel officer is to ensure that they are no more than seventy–two hours out of date under regular circumstances.
This roster maintenance includes the duty of promoting new officers into units upon their graduation from the Imperial Academy... And although a respectable portion of a Division's roster updates will be executed at the order of its Division Commander, a dedicated Personnel Officer is often empowered to grant final approval to a certain range of promotions.
A Personnel Officer need submit weekly status reports (carrying general membership statistics) to their Division Commander.
Division Commander (DivCom)
Each Division of The Galactic Empire is led by a Division Commander (DivCom), who is the Division's single most powerful internal authority... Although a Division Commander is expected to allow his various subordinates reasonable levels of latitude in commanding their units, a DivCom's word on any matter within his Division is – within the boundaries of official Imperial law & policy – considered final.
In general, a Division Commander will formulate the internal strategy of his Division, coordinate all Division Command members, supervise all directly subordinate unit commanders, and give final review to the majority of promotions & awards within his Division. A detailed description of duties is available here.

The above roles are used within individual Division reference materials to describe the duties of various Division Command members. Where a Division Command is composed only of a single DivCom, that officer fills all necessary roles by default.