The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.


Non-standard squadrons, designated as "elite", may be periodically commissioned. Each fills its own special role within the Empire, and each has its own operational policies and privileges.

Pilots wishing to apply for positions in elite squadrons need fulfil certain minimum requirements, and are subject to further personal review. It should also be noted that Elite Squadrons are designed for those who are intent on remaining pilots, as is the case with many officers. Members of these squadrons will not generally be promoted to a position outside of the squadron without making a specific request.

Pilots in 'standard' squadrons are asked to give recognition to those in the 'elite' variant, as those in the latter must show the utmost of dedication to their activity, conduct, and combat skills to retain their positions.

Scimitar Squadron

Craft Flown

ALL. Scimitar's pilots can expertly handle all Imperial starfighters, and are therefore afforded use of any available craft (typically in the most high-end configuration available) based on their mission.


The supreme fighting force of the Empire's fleet, Scimitar Squadron is composed of the finest pilots, fulfilling the primary duty of serving the Empire as its protectors, and the secondary duty of conducting highly critical missions at the order of the Commander of the Navy and the Supreme Commander...

In addition, Scimitar is the Imperial Navy's front lines in all space-sim competitions, and is the only unit which may officially compete for The Galactic Empire at will. (In most organised competition events, all Navy pilots will be able to freely attend and compete, however the pilots of Scimitar have the option of declaring any and all of their online engagements with members of other factions to be officially representative of the GE without prior arrangement.)


Scimitar Squadron uses a nonstandard organizational structure. Rather than organization into flights, the slots are simply numbers. However, there are thirteen fighters assigned to the squadron. The thirteenth slot is the addition of TIE Defender Bane, the rarely-used personal fighter of Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel.(It should be noted that since his appointment to Captaincy Fleet Admiral has not entered into battle with his fighter, and his unexplained reasons for keeping one on standby have generated much speculation...).

Under additional, rare circumstances, Scimitar may be joined by the personal fighter of the Commander of the Navy. Such circumstances are almost never battle and are much more commonly ceremonial or other functions...

Scimitar pilots hold their position on a "part-time" basis, while they hold a regular position in the Empire; both Naval and non-Naval candidates are eligible to join the squadron.

Pilots in this squadron are assigned a brevet rank appropriate to their level of skill and seniority. Their brevet rank carries force only when in competition with other factions, and does not have any direct bearing on position within the Empire. However, owing to the elite nature of the squadron, when two officers hold the same rank, the member in Scimitar is given seniority.

Scimitar Squadron does not report in via the standard manner. Its pilots are indeed subordinate or superior to other officers based on their rank (as with all other officers of the GE), however only the  Commander of the Navy or the Supreme Commander may order its launch. Scimitar reports are filed directly to the Commander of the Navy.

Application Requirements

Scimitar admits members based on their standing as an officer, a pilot, and their loyalty to the Empire. The merit of an officer for Scimitar is assessed by Scimitar Leader and/or the Commander of the Navy. Scimitar maintains its requirements at its holonet domain. Needless to say, the requirements are very stringent...