The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.



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Brief Synopsis

The most covert division of The Galactic Empire, it may be loosely compared to the Imperial Security Bureau, as it is one of two divisions which strive to protect the integrity of the Empire. While the ISB takes overt action to neutralise internal threats, Intelligence takes covert action to neutralise external threats.

During the time of the self proclaimed "New Republic", this was one of the best–trained and professional portions of the Empire to survive the Battle of Endor and its consequences. It gladly gave its full support to Grand Admiral Daemon's war effort, and continues to do so under Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel...


Imperial Intelligence, or "II", consists of four distinct branches:

  • Ubiqtorate
  • Internal Organisation Bureau
  • Analysis Bureau
  • Bureau of Operations

UBIQTORATE: The Ubiqtorate oversees all of the activities of Imperial Intelligence at the highest levels. It is considered the true center of II by most operatives and military leaders. Fine details and tactical considerations are decided by the appropriate bureau of Imperial Intelligence. The Ubiqtorate never concerns itself with those. The Ubiqtorate usually formulates strategies for the bureaus of Imperial Intelligence or, on some occasions, presents the bureaus with a set of goals and very broad grand strategic considerations and asks them to plan an effective strategy.

The Ubiqtorate is composed of the Director of Imperial Intelligence, who presides over Intel dictatorially, and a classified number of other members, each with their own function. Ubiqtorate members are anonymous, often unknown to their subordinates.

INTERNAL ORGANISATION BUREAU: The Internal Organisation Bureau (or IntOrg) protects the rest of Intelligence from internal threats. This branch performs the ISB's regular duties for II only, as ISB agents do not have appropriate privileges or facilities to police Intel. IntOrg agents police other Intel agents to verify loyalty and reliability.

ANALYSIS BUREAU: The Analysis Bureau takes the data gathered by other divisions and examines it for patterns and other relevant information. It also looks for trends in social data, and watches for hidden messages in the carrier–wave codes of comm broadcasts. Its decryption experts can break most coded communications in very short periods of time.

This bureau records and preserves all information brought back by agents, examines it for patterns and occurances, and makes appropriate reports to the Ubiqtorate.

BUREAU OF OPERATIONS: The Bureau of Operations handles all covert operations beyond the scope of resources of other divisions. It is composed of Intel's "field agents", who participate in surveillance and infiltration operations, counter–intelligence, and assassination missions.

Agents of the Bureau of Operations will observe and gather data, and report to the Analysis Bureau. They may also receive instructions for response actions (from the Ubiqtorate) after analysis of recently collected data...


Rebel propaganda has quite often given Imperial Intelligence a bad reputation. It is not a large body composed solely of ruthless assassins as some would have you believe. Like all divisions it serves a purpose, and indeed the Empire would not have thrived without it. Perhaps II is the most structured and organised, but all factions implement Intelligence in some form, be they Imperial, rebel, or neutral. It is not an option, but a necessity.

The information given publicly is so limited that it may be questioned if this document has any usefulness. The answer is yes. It is to alert all loyal Imperials to the fact that they are being protected from external threats. It is also to warn rebels, rivals, and potential defectors to be wary. You are all being watched. The ISB makes examples via public investigations. When you invoke Intel, you do not know from which direction the next blow will come. Your commanding officer may be an infiltrator, or an inconspicuous Ensign may be the Director of Imperial Intelligence. Be wary and be warned – loyalty is golden.