The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.
This chapter details objectives for ISB agents to keep in focus while performing their functions. These are of critical importance, as only an Empire with unified goals can thrive...

At a short glance, the Imperial Security Bureau's official description seems solid and straightforward, however it does not readily reveal the depth of its true meaning.

As a security officer, you are part of a force which strives to maintain the Empire internally, while others fight externally on its behalf. ISB officers are loyal to the Empire above all, for its agents maintain the integrity of Imperial Law on a day to day basis...!

You must also keep in mind that your duty is not to act in an overbearing, or hostile manner towards the officers of other divisions... As a "security officer" your position description is not only to police the Empire, but to maintain morale in Imperial forces, via ensuring that the vision of the New Order remains strong within the men.

You are directed to deal with violators of law swiftly, and without hesitation. This concept may seem at odds with the maintenance of morale, but is not. The Galactic Empire's Imperial Law aims to satisfy the interests of the Empire, and its officers, as a whole... Responding solidly towards those creating disturbances is a service to those who are loyal.

Remember: The Empire is swift and ruthless towards those that oppose it, but rewarding to those who serve it. As part of its security forces, you are representative of Imperial law and order. You are expected to conduct yourself in the same official manner that you are enforcing. You are a role-model.

By this time, you will likely have noted the relatively small number of organised operations for the ISB in comparison to the more "public" divisions. This is because ISB officers are considered loyal in a way that does not require prodding to achieve results. When not policing the Empire, ISB officers have both ability and encouragement to engage in projects on their own initiative, which can include a gamut of other activities, both gaming and non (ISB agents are often extended special allowance to participate in certain core activities of other Divisions, depending on which of the GE's "primary game platforms" they own).

Regardless of when or where it appears, the black and white uniform of the ISB should resound with the glory & awe of duty, honour, and Imperial justice!