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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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REVISION 2006-11-05

Description of Document

The Imperial Charter is a document of membership policies that apply to all members of The Galactic Empire... Its purpose is to define many of the most basic rights & responsibilities (powers & limitations) that accompany GE membership. Un-like the majority of GE reference materials -- which are written in the context of the fictional, "in-character" GE universe -- this document is focused toward addressing important "real-life" membership considerations, such as member privacy.

All GE members in good standing are entitled to the rights set forth in the Imperial Charter, however its policies must be adhered to in order to retain continued membership... Its counterpart is the Galactic Empire Articles of War, which outlines the GE's internal judicial system.

Table of Contents


Member Conduct

To keep strong the honour & integrity of the Imperial name...

  1. Members are generally expected to follow good "netiquette" whenever engaging in GE activities or representing themselves as GE members. (Note that most ISPs define good online conduct within their Terms of Service (TOS) or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).) Members who act in abusive or illegal manners may have their ISPs contacted by the Supreme Commander, if the issue is severe or cannot be resolved via internal GE means.
  2. Members may not use the organisation or anything directly related to it for monetary profit. The GE is run entirely through volunteer member efforts, and operates at a loss. It does not request/require any fees for membership, nor attempt to turn any monetary profit whatsoever. (Due to Star Wars trademarks, such activities are illegal and may produce strained relations with LucasFilm Ltd. or other licensed Star Wars enterprises.)
  3. Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the GE's formal documents of Imperial Law, as well as adhere to any dictates put down by other official GE sources (such as the Imperial Officer's Manual).
  4. Consistent with the principles of the Star Wars Empire, members should always strive to maintain a professional quasi-military atmosphere: conducting themselves with appropriate respect toward superior/senior officers, and working in mutual respect with their peers.

Member Privacy

  1. The Galactic Empire will use information collected from members solely for purposes relating directly to its operations... Additionally, members' submitted contact information is made available in a public database to facilitate legitimate communication toward and between GE members. Any alleged mailing-list abuse should be forwarded to the Supreme Commander for appropriate action, with a carbon-copy to the ISB General.
  2. Neither application nor membership require that an individual divulge any personally identifiable information, except a valid e-mail address. (A "character name" is also required, but may be an alias.)
  3. To protect privacy, no member may aggressively pursue or harass others for personal ("real-life") information of any kind. (Although not recommended by the GE, members may voluntarily divulge personal information at their own discretions.)
  4. Members acknowledge that any information posted to a public GE communications facility (such as a chat room or message board) shall be considered public and may be publicly or privately logged/archived.
  5. Whether for routine monitoring or the purpose of investigating an alleged violation of Imperial law, members acknowledge that the Supreme Commander, ISB General, Procurator of Justice, and their authorized representatives may collect transmissions between GE members, be they "private" (member-to-member e-mails, IMs, etc.) or "public" (chat room logs, message board threads, etc).

Termination/Refusal of GE Membership

  1. A member may terminate their membership at any time for any reason, by announcing such termination to the proper authorities.
  2. The Supreme Commander may deny membership to any individual for any reason, and/or terminate any individual's membership at any time for any reason.
  3. The Emperor's Court may terminate an individual's membership for a severe infraction of the GE Articles of War, as provided within the Articles.
  4. The ISB General, Imperial Academy Commandant, and individual Division Commanders may deny membership to an applicant -- or eject a Cadet in training -- if sufficient & just cause is deemed. (Noting that a DivCom carries these abilities only in relation to his own Division.)
  5. Simultaneous membership in other online factions/organisations is generally allowed, with no impact on an individual's ability to gain or retain GE membership... However, membership in a rebel faction -- or any other online faction with which the GE considers itself on a "war standing" -- may be grounds for expulsion from the GE.
    (The GE shall publicly state which factions it is at "war" with via its Allies & Enemies of the Empire page.)

Diplomatic Authority

  1. The Supreme Commander is the only member with unlimited authority to officially represent the GE, as a whole, to external sources (such as other factions, individuals, sites, media, etc).
    (Members may, of course, send personal e-mails; however any such communications will not be officially representative of the GE without the approval of the Supreme Commander.)
  2. The Imperial Ambassador and his or her staff may establish formal contact with other sites & individuals for the specific purpose of advertising (seeking publicity for) the GE.


  1. Members must maintain two very basic technical requirements: an accessible e-mail address, and the ability to regularly visit GE WWW sites. A member is responsible for immediately reporting any change in contact e-mail address to the appropriate authorities.
  2. All members have been alerted to a specific chain of command, dependent upon their position within The Galactic Empire. Members are expected to utilise this chain of command for routine matters, as it is in place to avoid a chaotic communications flow.
  3. Members may always feel free to directly contact their own Division Commander -- and/or the Supreme Commander -- if they have an issue that they feel is pressing or must be discussed with the highest level(s) of command. Their offices are open to such communications as a policy, and should typically be contacted in that order, as the Supreme Commander entrusts DivComs with the majority of divisional matters.

Canon/Official Materials

  1. Any promotion, demotion, unit modification, or other approved alteration to the official rosters is considered canon to the GE timeline.
  2. Other member submissions such as missions, fiction, and images -- while often posted publicly to the organisation -- do not impact the canon GE timeline unless specifically stated by the Supreme Commander. (This allows members much creative freedom in their designs, without being restricted by an "in-process timeline" or the necessity to seek advance "plotline approval".)

Promotions & Awards

  1. Promotions given to any member will be governed solely by three factors:
    • Their contributions and service to the Empire
    • Their superior officers' assessment of their leadership abilities
    • Their past criminal record
  2. Other promotional procedures, powers, and considerations are documented within the GE Imperial Officer's Manual.
  3. Members may be given awards on the sole basis of their contributions & service to the Empire. Choice of award need be consistent with the intentions put forth within the GE Official Guide to Medals & Awards.
  4. Positions, ranks, or honours held in other online factions are not grounds for increasing a member's positions, ranks, or honours in the GE. However, they may be cited on applications, to demonstrate applicable skills or experience.

Basic Activity Requirements

  1. At the most basic level, any individual holding "full membership status" within The Galactic Empire must answer e-mail within one week in order to be considered fully 'Active'. This demand may increase appropriately, if a member accepts promotion through the ranks.
  2. An officer must have e-mail contact with their direct superior at least once every ten days. Failing this constitutes an 'AWOL', and may result in the officer's removal from rank and/or position.
  3. An officer's registered e-mail account may not become invalid for a period greater than one week. Failing this constitutes a 'Desertion', and will result in the officer's removal from rank and position.
  4. Any full officer of the Empire that no longer possesses the time or inclination to meet the basic requirements of an Active membership status, has the option of becoming a Reserve instead of resigning entirely...
    While a Reserve, an officer forfeits their rank, position, and ability to participate in activities for which "official credit" may be obtained. However, they retain all honours achieved and continue to be recognised as a full officer of the Empire, with the sole activity requirement of maintaining a valid contact e-mail address.
  5. Any Reserve, or former GE member, may request that the Supreme Commander or appropriate Division Commander reinstate them to active service; however their returning rank is at the discretion of the same.

GE Ownership & Management

  1. In "real-life" terms, Fleet Admiral Fel is the Club Manager of The Galactic Empire. Within the GE, he holds the position of Supreme Commander and the rank of Fleet Admiral.
    While officers are delegated various levels of authority and generally make decisions within their own jurisdictions in an unencumbered manner, Fleet Admiral Fel retains the right of final decision over all GE matters.
  2. In the event that the current Supreme Commander becomes deceased or suffers long-term incapacitation without a replacement named, the title and a promotion to Fleet Admiral automatically pass to the highest ranking officer survivor. If this individual does not wish to retain the position, it becomes their responsibility to demote themselves below the rank of Fleet Admiral, after naming a new Supreme Commander (who shall, in turn, acquire that rank).
  3. Once legitimately appointed or acquired, the title of Supreme Commander is held in permanence, and may only be terminated by resignation, long-term incapacitation, or death.

Revisions & Contact

  1. The Imperial Charter may be revised solely by Fleet Admiral Fel, at any time, by posting changes herein.
  2. Although modifications are typically given prominent announcement, all members should review the Charter on a periodic basis, as continued GE membership shall constitute assent to any modifications.
  3. Any questions or concerns arising from the Imperial Charter may be directed to:
      Fleet Admiral Fel