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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Allies Of The Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire, An Empire Reborn has adopted a policy of forming treaties of non-aggression with willing Imperial factions in the interests of greater unification. Valuable resources can be wasted in inter-fleet skirmishes, and our hostilities are much better directed towards the Rebellion... In addition, treaties with neutral organizations are now also being accepted.
Current allies, and terms of alliance, are listed in the sections below... Leaders interested in an alliance are cordially invited to e-mail the Foreign Relations Ambassador.

Imperial Alliances (in order of formation)...

TERMS: Factions are not obliged to lend support (military or otherwise) to each other, however each party agrees that disciplinary action will be taken with any members who attempt to war with the other faction. Each faction also welcomes members of the other faction into their non-restricted territories (public message boards, IRC channels, etc), provided that they obey the local rules and regulations...

Emperor's Hammer
Emperor's Hammer
Leadership Contact(s): Grand Admiral Cyric
Diplomatic Contact(s):
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