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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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The Galactic Empire: Military Divisions

Divisions constitute the largest groupings of officers within The Galactic Empire... Each is typically a branch of the Imperial armed forces, and specializes in a certain type or "genre" of combat. Responsible for overseeing a Division's day-to-day operations is its Division Command.

Imperial Navy

Offical URL: navy.empirereborn.net
Division Status: Active
Founded on 1998-01-10 and once based solely on TIE Fighter, the Imperial Navy is the primary and "original" division of The Galactic Empire... Its combat activities focus on the "space-sim" genre of game platforms.

Despite the Empire's fall from its height, the Imperial Navy remains a power to contend with... Projecting Imperial forces throughout the galaxy in short periods of time, it can reduce an entire planet to slag or decimate even the largest renegade pirate fleet.
Hailing from the massive bulk of its Star Destroyer command ships to strike, intercept, and protect, the lifeblood of the Navy remains its elite starfighter pilots, upon whose skills many an Imperial victory has depended.

Under the command of their Supreme Commander and Fleet Commander, the combined powers of the Navy pacify Imperial space -- working to re-establish the irresistible, galaxy-spanning force it once was...

Imperial Army

Offical URL: army.empirereborn.net
Division Status: Active
The Imperial Army is responsible for holding territory on the millions of worlds of the Galactic Empire. Whereas stormtroopers are employed in crucial conflicts and guard the most vital military installations, the Army is responsible for holding ground and pacifying entire worlds as a lasting force when stormtroopers are withdrawn to perform other missions. The Army is a more sizeable and permanent presence than the elite shock-troops which the stormtroopers are.

With the remaining forces of the Legion merging with the Army, it now is the driving force of the Galactic Empire. The Imperial Army is the "first-person shooter" division of The Galactic Empire. Led by the Imperial Army Division Commander, The Army's dedicated forces are working to re-establish the former glory the Empire once had.

Imp. Security Bureau

Offical URL: isb.empirereborn.net
Division Status: Inactive
Imperial Security Bureau agents take overt action to encourage both military personnel and the general populace alike to remain obedient to Imperial policy and ideals.

The ISB was once an important branch of COMPNOR (the COMmission for the Preservation of the New ORder)... This political organisation crumbled and dissolved in the post-Endor ruins, but the ISB remains intact. Separated from the COMPNOR structure and declared an independent military Division by Grand Admiral Daemon, it now reports directly to the Supreme Commander, and has made a name for itself as the Empire's elite overt security force.

As has always been the case, the Imperial Security Bureau is composed of security officers who police the Empire, strive to maintain morale, and preserve Imperial ideals... They accomplish this via ensuring that Imperial Law is upheld. They will deal swiftly with any violators, as Imperial doctrine aims to satisfy the interests of the Empire and its officers as a whole.

Outside of regular investigations, ISB agents are often maintaining a regular presence in the Empire's public facilities, or employed in various engagements for the overall betterment of the fleet...

Civil Sector

Offical URL: civil.empirereborn.net
Division Status: Inactive

NCO Corps

Offical URL:
Division Status: Inactive
The NCO Corps is the "non-gaming" division of The Galactic Empire, designed to give those who wish to join the Imperial forces -- but but who do not own a supported game platform -- an opportunity to become part of the membership.

Due to major reorganisation of the Imperial fleet, the operations of the NCO Corps are presently suspended. The division will be reactivated in an improved form at a later date.

Although this unfortunately excludes non-gamers from joining The Galactic Empire at this time, combat-oriented sections of the Empire continue to recruit steadily...