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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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The Galactic Empire:
Imperial Relay Chat

Document Revision 2004.11.15



To facilitate public communication amongst its officers, The Galactic Empire maintains a dedicated "Imperial Relay Chat" (IRC) channel.

If you are not familiar with IRC: it most correctly stands for Internet Relay Chat... There are a variety of IRC Networks on the Internet, most of which may be freely connected to, and some of which host thousands of channels (rooms).

The Galactic Empire's IRC Channel is named #Galactic_Empire, and is hosted by the Undernet IRC Network... Its primary purpose is to act as a conference room for official GE meetings & scheduled events; however it is considered open for general chat at all other times. GE officers, allies, and Imperial & neutral citizens alike are welcomed.

On this page, you will find important information about the channel, including how to get connected and when official meetings are held. You will also find the GE IRC Policies, which all persons using the channel must adhere to.

Routine inquiries may be directed to the ISB General, primary overseer of the GE IRC Channel.

Getting Connected

The Galactic Empire's IRC Channel is #Galactic_Empire on the Undernet IRC Network.

Users who have installed an IRC Client (such as mIRC) should connect to any Undernet Server and /join #Galactic_Empire.

The following useful IRC Commands tend to work in both mIRC and the Java Applet:

  • Joining a Channel:  /join <channel_name>
  • Leaving a Channel:  /part <channel_name>
  • Changing your Nick:  /nick <new_nick>  (Undernet nicks are up to 12 characters)
  • Disconnecting IRC:  /quit

GE IRC Meetings

The Galactic Empire has held regular GE IRC Meetings since 1999-05-01... These are primarily for the benefit of the GE membership, however allies and citizens (both Imperial & neutral) are welcomed at the proceedings.

GE IRC Meetings take place on the first Saturday of every month, are scheduled to begin at 12 Noon Central Time (1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific / 18:00 GMT/BST), and last approximately one hour. They are hosted personally by the Supreme Commander (Fleet Admiral Fel) whenever availability permits.

A typical meeting opens with attendees receiving the latest in news & events first-hand from various High Command (and other) officers, after which the floor is opened to general discussion, feedback, and even the occasional Trivia contest... This presents an excellent opportunity to meet & interact with other Imperials from throughout the GE ranks in "real-time"!

All High Command officers (and other commanding officers of sufficient rank to have ChanOp status) are expected to make an effort to attend for the full hour, although absences caused by Time Zone or real-life responsibility are understood. In the absence of the Supreme Commander, hosting duties will be assumed by the Senior Fleet Officer, or the next-highest ranking ChanOp if both are unable to attend.

As with most GE activities, attendance isn't mandatory, but highly encouraged!

GE IRC Policies

Before using the GE IRC Channel, all officers and citizens should review the Galactic Empire IRC Policies contained herein... They exist to uphold the Empire's motto of "Distinction and Honour", and help ensure an enjoyable time for all.

  1. NO REBELS! ... Imperial and neutral parties are welcome, but those actively operating with the rebellion will be kick-banned on sight. They have no rights under Imperial law, and their presence itself is a violation.
    However... Due to previous incidents, ChanOps may not rely on "assumption", and must take reasonable steps to determine whether an individual is a rebel operative. Sitting on rebel channels simultaneously with #Galactic_Empire is not conclusive in itself. GE Members who are also members of rebel factions (although this is greatly frowned upon) are immune to this section unless they actively utilise their rebel characters within the channel.
  2. The official channel is -- as it states -- official, and not an off-duty lounge. The GE's Imperial Law remains in full effect. Please conduct yourself accordingly, with respect towards superiors and as an officer representative of the Empire. Do not: use foul language, engage in "cuss wars", behave maliciously toward other users with insults external to Star Wars, etc., or you'll earn your removal.
  3. It is suggested that officers' nicknames reflect their rank & name (e.g.- LT_Kardock for Lieutenant Kardock). For easy identification, this is a requirement during official events. (Note that changing your nick to reflect un-held ranks, or to that of another officer, can be construed as Impersonating an Officer...!)
  4. Do not simultaneously sit on #Galactic_Empire and sex/warez channels (this attracts the un-wanted IRC population to our channel). Do not trade MP3s in the open channel (this illegal practice was banned by the Undernet in 2000). Do respect the volunteer-run Undernet facility, and any additional guidelines within the MOTD (Message Of The Day) of the server you are logged into.
  5. No attempts at channel take-overs, or gaining unauthorised ChanOp powers. Undernet's "X" bot is in place to quickly recover the channel, and the offender will receive a permanent kick-ban.
  6. Only approved bots are to be on #Galactic_Empire at any time. Those without express approval from the Supreme Commander or ISB General will be removed.
  7. Clones are prohibited, except for the purpose of representing multiple GE characters, in which case a single clone is allowed. ("Ghosts" resulting from connection loss are legal, unavoidable, and not considered clones.)
  8. Do not flood the channel. Do not annoy / lag others by the constant use of ALL CAPS, CoLoRz, excessive use of non-English languages, repeating messages, repeating messages, repeating messages, repeating messages, etc... The "annoyance threshold" is at the discretion of the ChanOps.
  9. Do not engage in public argument over a ChanOp's decision. Do not ask for ChanOp status unless you qualify (see: Channel Operators).
  10. If X "splits", the five highest ranking full GE officers present shall be given ChanOps to secure the channel. Those without full officer status (Cadets and citizens) shall under no circumstances ever be OPped without express permission from the Supreme Commander or ISB General.

Unless otherwise noted, a first violation will earn a warning, a second violation a kick, and a third violation a kick-ban for whatever duration of time the ranking ChanOp sees fit... However, a ChanOp may choose to immediately kick, if they are intervening in behaviour that they deem a hazard to the functionality of the channel itself (such as excess flooding).

If a ChanOp takes corrective action against something that they believe seriously constitutes an Articles of War violation, they should e-mail a complete log to the ISB General, and Cc: the Supreme Commander.

Only the Supreme Commander and/or ISB General may modify/overturn bans set by other ChanOps, and may be appealed to if a ban is contested.

GE IRC Policies are set by the Supreme Commander, and may be modified at any time, without notice...

Allied Channels

Many Imperial factions and neutral organisations maintain channels on major IRC networks, and these may include factions/organisations with status as GE Allies.

Just as we ourselves expect the GE IRC Regulations to be respected by all persons within #Galactic_Empire, GE members are strongly cautioned to observe & adhere to other factions' rules of personal conduct, while in their territories... Deliberate disregard for such regulations while in allied territory can result in prosecution for Breach of Alliance (see: GE Articles of War).

Channel Operators

Channel Operators (ChanOps) have elevated access to the GE IRC Channel, and may perform actions such as changing channel settings and kicking/banning persons when necessary... It is a highly trusted status, granted only to officers that have achieved sufficient rank or position. With it comes a duty to remain vigilant and observe/enforce the GE IRC Policies to the utmost of one's ability.

The ranks/positions listed below are granted the specified levels of access to #Galactic_Empire... When an individual qualifies for more than one rank/position, the highest prevails. Please do not request ChanOps unless you qualify.

Channel Management (Level 400 - 500)

  • 500 - Supreme Commander (FA Fel)
  • 450 - Field Marshal (FM)
  • 435 - Admiral (AD) / General (GEN)
  • 425 - ISB General (ISB-GEN)

Privileged Channel Operators (Level 200 - 399)

  • 375 - Moff (MF)
  • 325 - Vice Admiral (VA) / Lieutenant General (LGN)
  • 300 - Senior Fleet Officer / Procurator of Justice
  • 275 - Rear Admiral (RA) / Major General (MGN)
  • 250 - Commodore (CD) / Brigadier General (BRG)

Channel Operators (Level 100 - 199)

  • 150 - Line Captain (CL) / High Colonel (HCL)
  • 150 - ISB Colonel (ISB-COL)
  • 125 - Captain (CP) / Colonel (COL)
  • 100 - Lieutenant Colonel (LCL)
  • 100 - Planetary Governor (PGOV)

Privileged Users (Level 50 - 99)

  • 90 - ISB Commander (ISB-CM)
  • 80 - ISB Major (ISB-MAJ)
  • 60 - ISB Lieutenant (ISB-LT)

If listed above, you may petition the ISB General for access by e-mailing him your Undernet username (do not send your password; it is private to you only)...

In order to use your access, you must log into 'X' with the following command:
      /msg x@channels.undernet.org login <username> <password>

Usernames may be registered at the Undernet Channel Service website.

Galactic Empire Webchat

The Galactic Empire's official IRC Channel is #Galactic_Empire on the Undernet IRC Network...
For a "fully-featured" IRC experience, installing mIRC software is recommended... However, WebChat will give you basic "chatting" ability via the WWW.
Before connecting, please note that #Galactic_Empire is an official GE-operated communications facility... As such, Imperial Law and GE IRC Regulations are in full effect.

Select Nickname:
Select Channel:
Select Server:
Please note: The preceding form is a redirect to Galactic Empire hosted Java IRC client. To use this client, you must accept the Java security notice by pushing "Yes" or "Accept" when presented to do so. While the Galactic Empire takes no responsibility for any negative effects from using this IRC client, it is generally believed to be a safe and well-written piece of software. The Empire's IRC Chat Client uses PJIRC v2.2.1