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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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The Galactic Empire:Imperial Institutions

An Imperial Institution is a section of the Empire established to fulfil a specific goal or provide a particular type of service for The Galactic Empire as a whole... Typically, only those in the commanding body of an Institution -- which is usually limited to a single director -- hold full-time positions. Any other subordinate "membership" positions -- should they exist -- are typically "part-time" (held by officers in addition to their duties in another section of the Empire).

Imperial Intelligence

Offical URL: intel.empirereborn.net
Institution Status: Active
The most covert division of The Galactic Empire, it may be loosely compared to the Imperial Security Bureau, as it is one of two divisions which strive to protect the integrity of the Empire. While the ISB takes overt action to neutralise internal threats, Intelligence takes covert action to neutralise external threats.

During the time of the self proclaimed "New Republic", this was one of the best-trained and professional portions of the Empire to survive the Battle of Endor and its consequences. It gladly gave its full support to Grand Admiral Thrawn's war effort, and continues to do so under Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel...

Imperial Academy

Offical URL: academy.empirereborn.net
Institution Status: Active
The Imperial Academy remains one of the most respected remnants of the pre-Endor Empire, and rightfully so... None other than the most famous military training institution in the galaxy, it is where raw recruits are developed into the finest officers in the Empire.

The Academy is responsible for all formal officer education & training within The Galactic Empire, and employs a staff of Deans and Professors from throughout the Imperial forces... It focuses the majority of its manpower toward the crucial task of indoctrinating & training all cadets seeking to become full officers of the Empire, and also offers existing officers additional courses in specialised areas.

The Emperor's Court

Offical URL: justice.empirereborn.net
Institution Status: Active
The Emperor's Court is the "judicial branch" of The Galactic Empire... It deals specifically with infractions of the GE Articles of War, pardoning the innocent and dispensing justice to the guilty.

Based on the Imperial capitol world, it holds a counterpart relationship with the Imperial Security Bureau: it tries officers on charges that the Bureau has laid.

Civil Command

Offical URL: Not Applicable
Institution Status: Active
The Civil Command represents the council of Moffs that form the political branch of the Empire. Each member of the council, as a Moff, oversees a specific sector of the Galactic Empire in all political and social affairs. Each system governor or planetary governor reports to the Moff of his or her local sector.

It is well known that in the pre-Endor Galactic Empire, high civil authorities such as Moffs held direct military jurisdiction over the officers of the Empire's armed forces... Solely free of the political structure were the roaming Grand Admirals: a rank created senior to the Moffs' through the Emperor's foreseeing that the ultimate, future security of the Empire would rest with its best military minds.

Five years post-Endor, despite the collapse of the Empire's official policy-making machines and there being little consensus between Imperial fragments on fundamental issues, the emergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn willingly reuninted them behind a single leader: one that demonstrated unprecedented potential to reclaim the New Order's galactic rule. The un-orthodox -- yet unquestionable -- reign of Thrawn laid the military-centric groundwork that was to become policy for the next Imperial generation.

On the posession of simple seniority, this finally and officially secured jurisdiction over all Imperial resources to Grand Admiral Daemon as the new Supreme Commander for the Empire. The Grand Admiral declared a state of Martial Law, allowing the Imperial Military to supersede normal civil authority.