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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Offical Documents

Imperial Law

The Galactic Empire protects its loyal members and overall integrity through an internal legal system aimed at upholding proper Imperial law & order. All members must abide by the rules & regulations set forth in the documents linked-to herein, and are expected to be familiar with their contents.

The Imperial Charter
A document of membership policies, defining many of the most basic rights & responsibilities (powers & limitations) that accompany GE membership. It transcends the fictional GE universe and is focused toward addressing important "real-life" membership considerations, such as member privacy.

GE Articles of War
Details the Imperial military judicial system, to which all fully instated officers of the Empire are subject, including: charges, offences, court procedures, and the proper method of reporting infractions.

GE:ER Legal Terms & Notices
Legal terms and notices regarding The Galactic Empire and the EmpireReborn.net domain.

Includes the GE's IRC Policies, which must be adhered to by all individuals utilising The Galactic Empire's official Imperial Relay Chat channel.

Other Documents

The following documents have either been de-classified or moved from other locations. Please take into account what is present inside them; for they are important to have been moved directly to this page.

Allies and Enemies of the GE:ER
An up-to-date list of all current allies and enemies of the Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn. All officers which think an organisation needs to be listed as "war" status please contact the Supreme Commander & ISB General as soon as possible.

Grand Admiral Daemon's Final Address to the Empire
The full transcripted text of the holorecording left by Grand Admiral Daemon in his classified facility at the end of the Outer Sectors Campaign. This document is also available in PDF Format.

The Official History of the GE:ER (PDF Format)
The official timeline and history of The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn, from the Battle of Endor until the present day. The history is frequently updated to include all canon events.
(Last Updated 2008–09)