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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Officer Resources

Contained herein are various facilities and functions meant for viewing and use by Imperial personnel.... While some serve archival purposes, others are for active use by officers as they see fit. Any suggestions for inclusion into this area may be directed to Fleet Admiral Fel.

Information Resources

Galactic Empire Offical Newsletter
The offical repository for the Offical Newsletters of the Galactic Empire.

Galactic Empire Roster Search
A facility allowing the searching of The Galactic Empire's rosters.

Unit Command Openings
Allows the viewing of all open positions in The Galactic Empire... officers interested in advancing their careers are highly encouraged to view.

The Galactic Empire Sector Map
Details sector information for Elrood, the home sector of the Empire. System and planetary details also provided.

Software Resources

Imperial Uniform Depot
All components necessary for officers to construct their own uniforms are available here, at the Imperial Uniform Depot.

Central Imperial File Database
This database, now hosted in the IDMR holosite, exists primarily to deliver any software necessary for commanders to perform their duties, such as savegame viewers/editors. Secondarily, it houses various programs and utilities applicable to Imperial operations, with particular emphasis placed on archiving any "GE-produced" software.

HoloNet Resources

AOL Instant Messenger
Information concerning AOL Instant Messenger as it relates to The Galactic Empire.
Unit Holonet Sites
A repository of all Unit Holonet Sites of The Galactic Empire.