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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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The Galactic Empire
Imperial Uniform Depot

All components necessary for officers to construct their own uniforms are available here, at the Imperial Uniform Depot. A Uniform Creation Program, which generates uniform images based on inputted ID-Lines, is also available at the Imperial File Database.

Utilisation of uniforms by the Galactic Empire adds to the roleplaying aspects of the organisation, as it allows officers to 'visualise' others... Completed uniforms have a variety of applications, including being impressive displays on websites.


Fleet Admiral Fel has made an allowance that was almost unheard of during pre-Endor days, in that officers may display medals earned on their standard duty uniforms, in accordance with Grand Admiral Daemon's introduction of this policy. However, to maintain a uniformly militaristic appearance, he has set down the following conventions for uniform configurations, which must be strictly observed...
  • Rank Indicator Plaques (RIPs) must be placed at the left breast.
  • Order of the Empire [OE] awardees choosing to display the [OE] shall do so in full, centering it directly above the RIP.
  • Medals other than the [OE] must be placed in rows at the right breast.
  • Medals other than the [OE] must be represented by ribbons only.
    (It is considered very crude to sport full medals while on regular duty.)
  • Merit Medal ribbons must be placed highest, in descending order of importance, and in rows of no more than three.
  • Service Medal ribbons must be placed directly below or after the Merit Medal ribbons in alphabetical order and rows of no more than three. (E.G.- MoC, MoT, MoX)
  • Standard uniform size is 400x300, half of the full-size scale. While this is not strictly enforced on websites, all uniform images submitted officially (such as for the GE newsletter) should be this size unless specified otherwise.


Please Select Your Division... NOTE: All uniforms are considered to be unisex unless otherwise stated.
Medal ribbons sized specifically for the uniforms contained are available for download.