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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Medals and Awards

Medals and awards are an important part of an officer's career, reflecting his achievements and honors... the following is a repository of information and facilities regarding medals and awards as they pertain to The Galactic Empire.

GE Offical Guide to Medals and Awards
Central informational resource for Galactic Empire medal data, graphics, and display/usage/awarding guidelines.

GE Medals Search
A search facility to locate which officers have been awarded a given medal.

GE Medal Board
The Galactic Empire Medal Board is the offical repository of all medal statistics.

Imperial Uniform Depot
External resource; contains medal ribbon graphics for placement on GE uniforms.

Offical Roster
The official Galactic Empire rosters... To view medals held by an Imperial officer, click their name on the roster to access their Officer Profile.