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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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The Galactic Empire:
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The Galactic Empire an Empire Reborn is participating in the Amazon.com Associates Program -- the leading-selling program on the Internet with over 1,000,000 members world-wide.

With the Navy and Army gaining many new Star Wars game platforms from LucasArts, it is a logical extension of the organization to be able to offer them for purchase via the Empire Reborn. Along with platforms, Star Wars merchandise (such as novels and DVDs) for any "die-hard" fan that may be among us... Amazon typically meets or beats retail prices on such items, and potential customers are encouraged to investigate this for themselves.

As a result of its participation, The Galactic Empire (specifically Tiberius Fel and Jacob Jansen) will earn up to 10% in "referral fees" on items purchased by clicking on the links contained herein. All such income collected will be used towards costs incurred by the maintenance of The Galactic Empire, An Empire Reborn web hosting.

PLEASE NOTE: The Galactic Empire an Empire Reborn is not directly selling any products linked to herein. Amazon is responsible for all aspects of order processing including: order forms, processing payments, cancellations, returns, and handling customer service. Shopping with Amazon.com is "100% safe" as guaranteed by Amazon.

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