Combat Resources

This page is the root of all official gaming / combat facilities and information. The number of resources and pages in this section should grow over time, however at the moment the following core pages are available for viewing:

Fleet Wide Facilities

Galactic Empire Combat Chamber
The official repository of all official Galactic Empire custom Simulations (missions/battles/levels). Currently this only has Navy simulations, but officers are highly encouraged to contact the Supreme Commander if they are interested in producing simulations for other divisions.

Galactic Empire Campaign Room
The offical repository for all information regarding military campaigns of The Galactic Empire.

Galactic Empire Combat Ladders
GE-wide combat ladders: a consistently-operational facility for multiplayer combatants.

Expert Combatants
A "Hall of Fame" for the multiplayer ladder winners.

Inter-Club Training Event
A multiplayer event involving groups outside of the GE.

Specific Division Facilities

Imperial Navy

Online TIE Pilot Reviewer
Use this custom script to review .tfr pilots online. Great for LT+ and anyone else needing to file an FPR.

Elite Pilots of the Empire
The "High Score Charts" of the Galactic Empire's naval forces.

Imperial Army

Eilte Troopers of the Empire
The "High Score Charts" of the Galactic Empire's ground forces.