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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Inter-Club Training Event

The ICTE is a multiplayer event with participants from several online gaming groups, the biggest participants being the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the GE, Rebel Squadrons, and the occasional appearance from the New Reupblic Fifth Fleet.. Founded over four years ago by the Star Vipers, DJB and RS, it provides a way to play against others competitively, yet not strive for the intensity required in large competitions.
This page is merely a summary of the info regarding the ICTE, the full information can be found at the ICTE holosite.

When and Where

Participation requires the use of IRC, meeting in the #outerrim channel on the Undernet network. One person in the channel moderates the event with a gamebot script, their nick usually denoted with "|ICTE" appended onto the end of their nick. The event is held every Saturday, providing the DJB is not running a massive internal operation that interferes with the hosting.

Rules and Gameplay

The ICTE utilizes generally every multiplayer-capable Star Wars platform, and additional games on top of that. Matches can be a simple 1v1 duel in Empire at War, up to 5v5 (or higher) capture the flag matches in Jedi Outcast. Brave souls can even take on multiple opponents by themselves if they wish.
The primary restriction to match-making is that the same group of people, whether it be a 1v1 or 4v4, can only play 3 matches in any given event. This prevents certain people from just mopping the floor all day long, accumulating points.

Points are counted in the form of Clusters of Fire, or CFs. CFs are awarded for participating in a match, earning much more if you win. At the end of the event, whoever has the highest CF count is declared the winner. If that person has played against at least seven different players with at least 12 CFs, then they are given the title of All-Star for that event, and their names are saved for posterity.

Matches are currently being reported via the ICTE website, no longer is the IRC method being used. Results can be followed during the course of the match, with the final scores and All-Star (if any) being stored in the Archives after completion.


After participating in the ICTE, GE members may report the External Competition Participation by going through GE Administration, earning themselves an Imperial Star.
GE officers placing in the top three positions in any given ICTE are also awarded the Imperial Combat Cross.