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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Galactic Empire Official Newsletter

Beginning with the first issue in July of 1998, the Galactic Empire Official Newsletter is released from the desk of Fleet Admiral Fel (and previously, Fleet Admiral Polanski, and originally, Grand Admiral Daemon) on a periodic basis... This publication acts as a historical "status report" of the Empire, with speeches given by a selection of high ranking GE officers. Moreover, it also provides a vehicle by which GE members may "publish" any original Imperial (or general) Star Wars related materials they have created.
The most highly encouraged submissions are GE/Imperial based graphics and fiction; however nearly any Star Wars related material qualifies, provided that it matches the following criteria:
  • Rebel propaganda in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • The material must be original. (i.e.- created by oneself)
  • The submitter must have status as a full and active GE member.
Submissions should be e-mailed directly to the Supreme Commander, along with your full ID-Line so that you may properly credited for your efforts. Carbon-copying one's superiors on Newsletter submissions is also a common practice, and an excellent display of activity.

Newsletter Downloads

All issues of the Galactic Empire Official Newsletter are made available for download herein. The modern GE Newsletters are written in HTML, and readable in any Generation 4 web-browser; however MS Word 6.0/95 or better will be necessary to access the first several issues.
Issue #1 1998.07 >> 1998.08 305,414 Bytes GE-NL001.zip
Issue #2 1998.09 >> 1998.10 459,747 Bytes GE-NL002.zip
Issue #3 1998.11 >> 1999.02 349,028 Bytes GE-NL003.zip
Issue #4 1999.03 >> 1999.06 496,518 Bytes GE-NL004.zip
Issue #5 1999.07 >> 1999.08 651,980 Bytes GE-NL005.zip
Issue #6 1999.09 >> 1999.10 415,806 Bytes GE-NL006.zip
Issue #7 1999.11 >> 2000.06 2,328,271 Bytes GE-NL007.zip
Issue #8 2004.02 >> 2005.10 1,992,629 Bytes GE-NL008.zip
Issue #9 2005.10 >> 2006.12 584,300 Bytes GE-NL009.zip
Issue #10 2006.12 >> 2008.06 2,992,631 Bytes GE-NL010.zip