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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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Imperial HoloNet Transcript

From: Grand Admiral Daemon
To: Galactic Empire : Empire Reborn Forces
Date: 2006-04-30
Subj: Final Address to the Empire

Officers of the Empire:

Once more I bid you greetings – and above all, congratulations. Even after my disappearance from the forces at large, your iron resolve to rebuild what was lost and continue to push toward restoring the glory of the Imperial name has led you here: to victory in the Outer Sectors and the establishment of an Empire Reborn. Somewhat unexpectedly – but not altogether surprisingly – it has also led you to me.

I shall spare you details of the condition that forced my sudden departure, for it is uncouth to discuss one's medical matters in public... and it appears that you are already well-researched in the effects of one particular Holocron.

It will instead suffice to say that I awoke to find the Empire had changed. Admiral Polanski could not disregard the possibility that I had perished, hence assuming the title of Supreme Commander and the rank of Fleet Admiral in accordance with the Imperial Charter. The underlying systems of the Imperial Nexus detected my prolonged absence and ultimately shut themselves down; but not before much of the information it contained could be retrieved. I found that this information – the remaining rosters, as well as the plethora of documents that I had written and revised throughout my command – were already being used as a foundation in the construction of a renewed organisation.

Seeing that the rebuilding process had already progressed beyond any immediate threat to the Empire's stability, I took the time necessary to complete my recovery from the Holocron's effects. I used the vast technological provisions within my private bunker to monitor the progress of the Imperial forces, and also deeply contemplated the prospect of my return to command.

Of all the things that I had to consider, it was determining how to describe the GE:ER on a philosophical level that may have had the single greatest impact on my decision. It seems long ago, now, that I founded GE, constructing it with little more than a mandate from the Emperor, the rank of Grand Admiral, and my own instincts. The question facing me was: did my GE still exist? The GE:ER that I saw rising in its place was being constructed by others... Yet, it could not be called its own independent creation. Its facilities were being created anew – and included within those efforts was the daunting feat of establishing a central database system to compensate for the loss of the Imperial Nexus – yet the foundation it stood upon was still most solidly the structure, procedure and documentation that I had set down during my command. In the end, I determined that my best analogy of the GE:ER was that of a child phoenix: risen from the ashes of the parent, a different phoenix in body, and the same reincarnated in spirit. My faction, as it once stood, no longer exists. In the place of that GE now stands the GE:ER: its evolution. My time as Supreme Commander has ended.

Neither is my time to record this transmission infinite, and so to my final items of business:

  • Fleet Admiral Polanski: Over two standard years as effective Supreme Commander is admirable... It becomes impressive when considering that your tenure was not merely a matter of inheritance, but that you oversaw the rebuilding process in which the GE evolved to become the GE:ER, acting as head of the Empire for the duration of the emergency and beyond. Although I did not appoint you to the position of Imperial Navy Fleet Commander for the purpose of becoming the next Supreme Commander, you rose to the challenge and showed that my choice was a sound one. I also greatly appreciate how conscientious you have shown yourself to be in the desire to remain true to my original vision and dictates, which is reflected even in the rank that you now still hold in accordance with the Imperial Charter. A lesser commander would have already decorated themselves with a much greater insignia. If the system of ranks in effect at the Empire's height still held today, it would now be my pleasure to promote you to High Admiral. Instead, I herein formally corroborate – and ceremonially award – the Order of the Empire medal that you were bestowed with in my name, for your work and dedication in preserving the Empire as its Supreme Commander. With this comes my personal congratulations on being the first officer since the founding of the GE to achieve the Empire's most prestigious award.
  • Admiral Fel: Although it is no longer my office to reward you for your services, you have excelled in your duties, which for more than the past standard year have consisted not only of administrating the Imperial Navy, but also being the greatest driving force behind the Empire's extended campaign in the Outer Sectors. For your part in making a canonical campaign a reality – and a successful reality – you have achieved something that I always envisioned our forces undertaking once the Imperial Army was deemed to be fully operational. Seeing it come to fruition even amidst the Empire's recovery was most pleasing, and demonstrates that the Navy is in excellent hands under your command.
  • General Jansen: You are quite possibly the longest-standing holder of admiralty and general officer ranks within the active forces today. Even after almost seven consecutive years in command positions spanning the Navy, Academy, and Army – and training legions of the Empire's future officers while obtaining the highest ranks and merit medals anyone can reasonably hope to achieve – you remain stalwart in your Imperial service. While Admiral Fel had the opportunity to prove his mettle in commanding the Imperial fleet after my departure, your continued service in assuming control of the ground forces shows that you are an absolute pillar of this organisation under any Supreme Commander. I wish you many more years of success and glorious service to the Empire.
  • Veteran Officers of the GE: Amidst a fragmented and deteriorating Empire, the standard of personal conduct and professional dedication exhibited by so many officers at all levels of our faction became one of its defining attributes, and was a continual source of pride for me as its Supreme Commander. An officer not mentioned here is by no means an officer forgotten; and if my time did not limit me to dealing only with the most immediate members of High Command, I could name hundreds with which it was a pleasure to serve. Instead, I have ensured that your recorded histories – namely the Imperial Nexus records containing your ranks, medals, certifications, combat and service histories – have been placed into the hands of Fleet Admiral Polanski, for the continued preservation of things that should not be lost or forgotten.
  • For the GE:ER as a whole: It is well known that the bulk of the documentation on which the GE:ER operates is, under copyright law, either my intellectual property or a modification of such. To formalise the GE:ER's assumed rights to use these materials and solidify its legal grounds for doing so, I herein expressly grant The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn (GE:ER), as an organisation, a perpetual and irrevocable license to use and adapt, in whole or in part, any textual or graphical content obtained from the Imperial Nexus domain – including but not limited to the documents of Imperial Law and the Galactic Empire: Imperial Officer's Manual – in whatever way is deemed fitting by its Supreme Commander. My express stipulation is that these rights may not be transferred or "sub-licensed" by the GE:ER to any other organisation, group, or individual(s). In making these statements, I aim to ensure that the GE:ER is in no way inhibited in its internal use of the materials I authored throughout my years of command; but also to make it clear to the greater citizenry that my intellectual property was not put into the public domain during my disappearance, and that while any upstart warlord who believes they may freely usurp my work may still be aggressively pursued, the GE:ER uses it with my full blessings and best wishes for its future.

In conclusion, many of you may look to this address and wonder if I regret history. The short answer is 'no'. I have always maintained that "a single man does not an Empire make"... Every rank and position, down to the very last man, has their role to play in the proper functioning of the Imperial war machine. Understanding the importance of the contributions made by our role is the first step – recognising that each must bear its burdens in its own way is the second. Every pilot, soldier, and trooper on the front lines of our forces must come to terms with the knowledge that each new battle may be their last: that they may return to fight for the Empire another day, or see their careers ended quickly in a blaze of glory. Yet the history of so many of the Empire's highest and finest commanders – including Admiral Piett, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and even his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Palpatine himself – have shown that those of us who command from a position of perceived safety must accept that our end may neither be so quick nor so glorious, and unless we are exceptionally fortunate, will neither be at a time of our choosing. Since the day my Imperial service began as one of those very pilots on the front lines, I have asked only one thing from it: that when it came my time to go, let it be for something, and not of something. The irony of fate ensured I was met with a little of both... Yet I stand here today: apart from my former forces, but able to see that my many years of work did not end with me; that they have continued onward to become the next generation of The Galactic Empire, and a faction that still stands as one of the greatest proponents of the New Order in the galaxy today.

As an officer eternally in the Empire's service, I consider myself one of the exceptionally fortunate. However, it is not the province – nor, I am afraid, the luxury – of an Imperial Grand Admiral to simply retire to quiet civilian life in public view. By the time you recover this transmission, I shall be far beyond your arm's reach – yet, one might say, still securely within the Empire's hands. Another path has already been laid out for me, and it leads to a place where my attention is needed. I will say nothing more about it at this time, except that you should consider the Outer Sectors campaign to be preparation for what lies ahead. The self-proclaimed "New Republic" has pushed every advantage at its disposal since the renewed loss of our Emperor ... and there are threats in our universe even greater than pirates and rebels.

To all loyal Imperial officers of the Galactic Empire, both current and former: I salute you, and wish you a prosperous career filled with distinction and honour.

In Service of the Empire,
  Grand Admiral Daemon (ret.)
  Founder of The Galactic Empire