The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
Imperial Officers' Manual
Major Revision: 2.0 – 2008.10.31
An adaptation of the pre–Endor document and policies.

A squadron leader leads & manages the day-to-day operations of a starfighter squadron, which places as many as eleven other pilots under the squadron leader's direct supervision...

Filling a squadron's "1–1" fighter slot, a squadron leader personally leads the first of its three flight groups, and a specific leader may be referred to via the name of his unit. (For example, the squadron leader of Beta Squadron is "Beta Leader".)

As the starfighter squadron is the Imperial Navy's most basic and vital type of unit, achieving this posting marks a pilot's first true command, bringing with it the standard duties & considerations of a unit commander.

This posting marks an officer's first true command, and the ranks of lieutenant and above bear great responsibility. They are extremely vital to proper operation, and officers who are lax in their duties will be quickly relieved of command... If handled properly, however, the position of a squadron leader or Bridge Crew Team Leader may also serve as one of the most enjoyable ones in an individual's naval career.

Take to mind, also, that the importance of the Imperial Navy's squadron leaders should not be underplayed. It is they who are the direct superiors of every newly-commissioned Navy officer, and the future of those same officers is highly dependent on the quality of assistance and motivation provided by a Lieutenant. Moreover, squadrons are a "basic unit" of the Imperial Navy, and contain the Ensigns – the "standard members" of The Galactic Empire – for whom the entire command structure is geared to provide an efficient and enjoyable term of service.

A Squadron Leader is expected to maintain continuous contact with their subordinates, and ensure they are e-mailing their entire squadron at least once per week. There will typically be items to forward to their units from command, but if not, contact must still be initiated. Should any of their officers' e-mail addresses become invalid for more than one week, they should forward a copy of the error message to the Imperial Navy Fleet Commander to have that slot on the roster cleared.

Squadron leaders make internal decisions on rank promotions, awards, and activities for their squadrons, and are the first contact for general questions and concerns from their pilots. Lieutenants must also review mission completions from their subordinates, forward e-mail down the command structure within four days of receipt, and file squadron Status Reports with their captain and first officer on a minimum bi-weekly basis. Ensuring that one's unit has a website and banner graphic are also highly encouraged.

Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel himself wishes to ensure that squadron leaders are allowed much flexibility in 'customising' their squadron. Many of a unit's 'rules of operation' are decided by its commanding officer. A squadron will very often engage in its own activities... These activities may include designing their own missions/fiction/artwork, meeting on IRC, etc. Squadron leaders are highly encouraged to organise their own internal competitions along these lines, and/or co-ordinate with other unit commanders on inter-unit competitions...!