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   Osii-14: The Return
  Code   ERS-236
Platform   TIE Fighter (TIE)
Description   Obsidian squadron arrives to a less than friendly welcome home from the Imperial Forces. We are nonetheless able to convince them of who we are, and Kardock transmitting from the shuttle definitely helped in that respect. The Pike is no doubt following us, so we've gotten the Chimaera to deploy its fighters and prepare for the attack...
No. of Missions   3
No. of Completions   5
Creator(s)   Mission 1: Jagged Fel
  Mission 2: Jagged Fel
  Mission 3: Jagged Fel
High Scores   Overall: 46118 - Branet
    - Mission 1: 31056 - Junon
    - Mission 2: 10556 - Branet
    - Mission 3: 15312 - O`Moran
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