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Galactic Empire Unit Roster:

   2nd Brigade
  Unit Type   Brigade (Physical Unit)
  Status   Active
  Established   2004-12-05
  Motto   "Death is everything else's final limit - not ours!"
  Parent   I Corps (Imperial Army)
  Unit Reports   View (31)

Commanding Officers

   Unit Command Officers
  Brigade Commanding Officer   [ To be announced ]
  Brigade Executive Officer   [ To be announced ]

Active Child Units

Task Units - Companies

Dauntless (0) [GB]
Demon (0) [JO]
Gorgon (0) [BFII]
Hornet (0) [BFII]
Predator (0) [SWG]
Sentinel (0) [SWG]

Local Unit Rosters

Dauntless Company

Demon Company

Gorgon Company

Hornet Company

Predator Company

Sentinel Company