Galactic Empire Official Rosters

Galactic Empire Unit Roster:

   SecGroup 1
  Unit Type   Sector Group (Logical Unit)
  Unit Class   Sector Group (SG)
  Status   Active
  Established   2004-02-28
  Parent   None (Imperial Navy)

Commanding Officers

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   Unit Command Officers
  Sector Group Flag Officer   Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel
[OE] [LSM-22S] [LoP] [GS] [SS] [BS] [IS-G-6P] [MoM]x6 [IVC-SL] [IVC-BW] [IVC-BL]x3 [IVM-SB] [IVM-BB]x2 [AAEH-4P] [AAE-PB-3P] [AAE-GB-1P] [AAE-SB-1P] [MoC-5S] [MoT-PG] [MoX-BG]

Active Child Units

Task Forces - Systems Forces

SysForce 1 (0)
SysForce 2 (0)
SysForce 3 (0)

Task Groups - Ships

ISD Chimaera (1)