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Imperial Academy Report #5
Submitted on 2004-02-16 by Vice Admiral Jansen

Imperial Academy Report 02-16-04

- The Imperial Navy Mentor Program has been activated again. The number of Navy graduations should increase. Mentors are needed. Please send me an e-mail if anyone is interested.

- Since the Legion PRC has resigned due to real life obligations, I have taken over his job till a replacement is found. All Legion Cadets have been directed to send their training materials to me.

- I will be going on leave starting the 19th and hopefully ending on the 28th. Commander Zorzon will be in command till I return.

- Certifications have been low in the past month. I would encourage all officers to get their Officers exam if they ever want to move up the rank ladder.

Total Naval Cadets: 151

Total Legion Cadets: 107

Navy Cadet Graduations: 1

Legion Cadet Graduations: 1

Imperial Academy Certifications:

- EN Tesech/Kappa 2-2/VSD Striker/Navy 84% (Officers Exam)
- EN V2000 / Iota 1-3 / ISD Chimaera / Navy 84% (Officers Exam)
- CPL Mercenary / Fury D-CMDR / Chimaera Regiment / Legion (XWA)
- EN Frost / Kappa 1-4 / VSD Striker / Navy 92% (Officers Exam)
- EN Darren / Beta 1-4 / ISD Chimaera / Navy 88% (Officers Exam)

Total Academy Cadets: 258

Vice Admiral Jacob Jansen
Imperial Academy Commandant
"Service. Fealty. Fidelity"

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