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Imperial Academy Report #4
Submitted on 2004-01-09 by Vice Admiral Jansen

Imperial Academy Report 01-09-04

I would like to start out with a happy new year to everyone. This is my first report of 2004 and wont be my last..:-) 2004 should bring lots of great things to the Empire starting with Empire Reborn coming to an end. Thorough out Empire Reborn, the Academy has been processing applications and cadets alike. It shows how this club still has its potential to succeed.

Just today, more cadets have been placed and the last should be shortly. Note, all Legion Cadets have already been placed on a temp Legion roster maintained by the Legion QM.

Total Naval Cadets: 154

Total Legion Cadets: 96

Navy Cadet Graduations: 3 (Total Navy Cadets awaiting placement)

Legion Cadet Graduations: 16 (Total Legion JTRs awaiting placement)

(I had a little system error and had to format my HD and I lost my latest info that would include the following information. There were not many certification anyways. Almost all were turned in by cadets completing their training at the Academy.)
-Imperial Navy Officers Certification: 0
-Tie Certification: 0
-XvT Certification: 0
-XWA Certification: 0
-JK Certification: 0
-JKII Certification: 0

Total Academy Cadets: 250

Vice Admiral Jacob Jansen:
Imperial Academy Commandant
"Service. Fealty. Fidelity":

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