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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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GE Combat Chamber: Balance of Power (XvT) (BoP) Simulations

ERS-11GE Simulation #11Fly to Booster Terriks base, and ambush Rogue Squadron! It is rumoured that the Millenium Falcon is in the area...1
ERS-12BLITZKRIEGHyper in to a rebel shipyard and destroy everything you find there...1
ERS-13GE Simulation #13Attack a known warlord and capture his Super Star Destroyer flagship...!1
ERS-17GE Simulation #17Escort the severely-damaged CRKC Artemis to Repair Yard Eta, while fending off Rebel attackers... A spy within the Empire is suspected.1
ERS-22SPYBREAK!Help an Imperial spy with critical data to escape from the rebels and destroy their presence in the area...1
ERS-43PRECARIOUS POSITIONBoth the Chimaera and the SPC the Grand Admiral used to escape are disabled - and there are rebels closing in... Fly a T/I to protect the Grand Admiral!1
ERS-254BATTLE FOR THE HEWLETTServe aboard the M/SC Hewlett as it prepares for its commissioning.4
ERS-256VIGILANCE BEGETS VICTORY!The Vigilant is to oversee and protect the repair and refit of the VSD Malice with next-gen Slave Drive technology. Afterward, engage a growing Pirate presence in the area. 5