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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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GE Combat Chamber: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT) Simulations

ERS-14GE Simulation #14Save an enemy Imperial Interdictor from rebel attack to capture it, intercept a rebel supply convoy, and then set a trap to destroy the original attackers...!3
ERS-15GE Simulation #15Save the INT Red Claw-II from being rammed by the FRG Chi while protecting the VSD Stalwart from a Y-Wing attack...!1
ERS-16RESCUE THE ARTEMISRebels are attempting to destroy the disabled CRKC Artemis... Protect it until it can be repaired and escape...!1
ERS-19GE Simulation #19The VSD Dominance has just been commissioned, and celebration is in order. The Rebels, however, have other plans for this Imperial gathering...3
ERS-20NAV BUOYWe have detected a nav buoy near Bespin. Your mission is to assist the patrol craft in the recon of the nav buoy ... which may be used by rebels.1
ERS-30SPECIAL OPS CAPTUREFly a T/A to capture an abandoned pirate cruiser & protect it until it has entered hyperspace... Destroy any rebels who might attack!1
ERS-32GE Simulation #32You and your T/A were meant to end a rebel training session by destroying X-Wings flown by novice pilots, however four of the most infamous rebel pilots have entered the area...1
ERS-33GE Simulation #33A new, mineral rich planet has been discovered.The VSD Dominance has been tasked with obtaining it... Through force if necessary.3
ERS-34DEFEND AKURIA IIFly a T/A and assist in the destruction of a rebel fleet that has been dispatched to attack our outpost at Akuria II... None are to escape!1
ERS-35GE Simulation #35Recapture the ISD Colossus, ambush a convoy to find the location of a secret rebel base, and finally destroy it.3
ERS-36GE Simulation #36Fly a T/I to defend a transport carrying Imperial dignitaries from a rebel ambush, while it passes through the area around PLT Space Port 2...1
ERS-37GE Simulation #37Hyper into an unknown system with the Recon CRCK Artemis... Fly a T/A to defend the Artemis against an unknown threat and destroy a traitor to the Galactic Empire!1
ERS-38GE Simulation #38The VSD Stalwart is performing a reprisal attack on the Black Adder pirates to teach them a lesson for their earlier mistakes... Mistakes they will not make again.1
ERS-42SAVE THE VSD VIGILANTFly a T/I and fend off rebel fighters that have entered the area... Be on the lookout for any reinforcements - be they rebel or pirate.1
ERS-47REBEL RESEARCH STATION (Battle 1)Some convoys look suspicious... Help Intelligence establish a foothold in the area!4
ERS-49REBEL RESEARCH STATION (Battle 2)Find the secret rebel base...4
ERS-50REBEL RESEARCH STATION (Battle 3)Establish a forward base for the Empire...4
ERS-51REBEL RESEARCH STATION (Battle 4)Preparations are now complete... Finish off the station!4
ERS-53GE Simulation #53The Academy space platform is under attack by a rebel strike force... Fly a T/A to defend it. The fate of the Academy is in your hands!1
ERS-54GE Simulation #54Fly a T/F to help VSDs Stalwart and Vigilant attack a rebel rendezvous!1
ERS-60GE Simulation #60Pilot a Lamed Squadron T/F and destroy a rebel factory!1
ERS-61CONFRONTATIONGeneral Bel Iblis has always been a thorn in our side. Now, we plan to remove this thorn permanently. If we can defeat him, the rebellion will lose one of their best tacticians... Good luck!3
ERS-63OS-2: Capture VSD!Chapter two of Outer Sectors for XvT. Assist the Nemesis and capture the enemy VSD!1
ERS-69OS-3: Patrol AmbushThe ISD Nemesis has encountered a small enemy patrol... This is an excellent opportunity to surprise whomever is coming to pick them up...1
ERS-72OS-4: Yaga MinorImperial Forces are fortifying the Yaga Minor system... No Rebel recon forces may be allowed to get away with reconnaissance!1
ERS-77OS-5: Rescue the Chimaera!The Chimaera lies in a precarious position: All systems offline and heavily damaged! Fly with Epsilon Squadron of the ISD Nemesis to get the Chimaera rescued!1
ERS-81OS-6: Yaga Minor PatrolFly with Epsilon squadron as they patrol the Shipyard, to defend against any possible Rebel retaliation for the loss of their fleet in Chapter 5!1
ERS-86OS-7: Pirate ConvoyThe Nemesis dispatches Epsilon and Omega to capture enemy convoy craft!1
ERS-91OS-8: Depot Smash and GrabThe ISD Nemesis is attacking a Rebel staging area, to get all the supplies and get out.1
ERS-93OS-9: Shipyard PatrolAfter Rebel scouts in the area were driven off but not destroyed, the Nemesis has been recalled to defend the Shipyard!1
ERS-100OS-11: Supply ChaosThe pirates have sent a distress signal from a nearby system: They are under Rebel attack! Fly with the ISD Nemesis to wipe out both the pirates and Rebels!1
ERS-105OS-12: Last HourThe pirates are almost finished... this is their last stand against the might of the Empire!1
ERS-110OS-14: Training SimFamiliarize yourself with the new T/As in this training simulation!1
ERS-114OS-15: IFF AmbushRebel Forces using Imperial IFFs have closed on the Nemesis and caught them off guard! Do not let the Nemesis be overrun!1
ERS-118OS-16: Hijacked!The ISD Chimaera has been hijacked from La Forge's promotion ceremony!1
ERS-121OS-17: Awaiting the ISDWe've received co-ordinates indicating the position of the ISD Chimaera... But can we trust them?1
ERS-124OS-18: Chimaera CaptureIt is time to take the Chimaera back from its hijackers!1
ERS-128OS-19: Asteroid Base The VSD Warhammer will be taking out an asteroid base that once belonged to Imperial Intelligence, but was hijacked by Rebels, then traitors...1
ERS-132OS-20: Return to MuunilinstDestroy the Rebel Garrison at Muunilinst!1
ERS-137OS-21: Muunilinst RevengeThe Nemesis is overwhelmed and needs to withdraw immediately! Defend the Nemesis against the huge Rebel force!1
ERS-143OS-24: Prison Break, Take Two!Disable a Rebel platform so we can recover Imperial Prisoners!1
ERS-147OS-25: InterceptionIntercept a would-be rendez-vous between a pirate with stolen data and Rebel forces!1
ERS-153OS-26: Rocket ReloadFly with Psi Squadron to ensure the ISD Nemesis gets its load of new heavy rockets safely!1
ERS-156OS-27: Abandoned FacilityFly with Psi to help the ISD Nemesis take an abandoned facility that might contain surprises!1
ERS-161OS-28: Dantooine DownfallThe ISD Nemesis and VSD Warhammer lead the charge on Dantooine, so the army can land and seize the last holocron piece.1
ERS-165OS-29: GEONOSIS FINAL BATTLEFly with Epsilon Squadron and lead the final assault on the Rebel Stronghold world of Geonosis! Beware of Rebel Bombers!3
ERS-169OS-30: Judgement DayFly with Epsilon Squadron and the ISD Nemesis to lead the Empire to victory in the Outer Sectors!3
ERS-178OS5 AlternateIn an alternate outcome for chapter 5 of OuterSectors, the ISD Chimaera is destroyed and you are being sent to rescue the surviving crew.1
ERS-179CARGO TRANSPORTThe Vigilant has been assigned to oversee a cargo operation. Crucial Imperial supplies are to be picked up by CARG Devon and taken to a nearby Imperial Base. Fly cover to ensure a smooth operation.1
ERS-180LOCATE LC MUSCAT!Lt. Commander Muscat has gone missing. A garbled transmission suggests that he has been captured and is in Rebel hands. Join the recon effort to locate Muscat.1
ERS-185OSII-2: The UnthinkableOur troops have "defected" to the Rebel Alliance and now the Rebels want to evaluate our skills to find out if we're really as good as we say we are. They figure our "pasteboard boxes" (they mean our TIE Interceptors) won't last long out there, so we better learn how to handle some Rebel fighters, too. (NOTE: This mission must be played as the Rebels - open in the Rebel menu)1
ERS-191OSII-3: Under False FlagsPirates have attacked a local platform. The platform's defences have repelled the attack, but they cannot pursue to stop the pirates. We've been sent ahead to take on the pirates because the ship could not make it, due to mechanical failure. We need to stop the pirates from escaping. 1
ERS-199OSII-4: Research RescueIn order to allow the commandos to land on the planet to rescue the scientists, Obsidian squadron is attacking a factory in system, while the main defences are drawn away by another group...2
ERS-204OSII-5: Convoy CoverProtect the Rebel convoy against Warlord Harrsk's attacks, so that the resupply operation can get the Rebel scientists the supplies they need!1
ERS-208OSII-6: Seek and DestroyedWe are scouting out a planet for the Rebel scientists to deploy their project. This target is along a shipping route, but we hope it will be suitable!1
ERS-213OSII-7: A Fine LineThe moment all the infiltrators have dreaded is at hand...1
ERS-218OSII-8: HonestyApparently the Rebellion was not terribly honest with us about what it is that is going on with the "Scientists", who turned out not be scientists at all. Apparently additional expertise is needed, so we are meeting up with Kyp Durron, of Sun Crusher Incident fame. Someone of his profile is bound to attract attention, of the kind we do not want...1
ERS-221OSII-9: CHOICESIt looks like the attack of the VSD Adamant was sufficient to slow us down, enough that we were ambushed by a serious Imperial Battlegroup! Fortunately for us, they didn't slow us down as much as they wanted to, and the Interdictor is a bit too close for the Imperials' comfort! We will only have one shot at escaping, and this is it! 1
ERS-229OSII-12: THE LEGENDArmed with all the information and tools we need for the great Force experiment, we are going to insert Kyp Durron on a public space station and see if this will actually work. Everything seems like it is authentic, so we are going ahead with it. Cover the Shuttle, and inspect all craft in the area. Report anything unusual.1
ERS-233OSII-13: THE RESCUEThis Force thing hasn't worked out in the slightest, and we now suspect the source has been misleading us, intentionally. Before New Republic central command finds out of our failure, we are going to go straight to the source and try to get some answers. Renzen has recently informed us that in fact the source the Rebels have is a member of Imperial Intelligence held prisoner, known only as Kardock. His rank within the organization is not known, but he is surely a valuable asset and must be rescued!1
ERS-237OSII-14: THE RETURNObsidian squadron arrives to a less than friendly welcome home from the Imperial Forces. We are nonetheless able to convince them of who we are, and Kardock transmitting from the shuttle definitely helped in that respect. The Pike is no doubt following us, so we've gotten the Chimaera to deploy its fighters and prepare for the attack...3