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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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GE Combat Chamber: Empire at War (EaW) Simulations

ERS-182OSII-1: CounterstrikeTake part in the standard "Command Training" exercise, which will be a test of your mettle as a commander!1
ERS-188OSII-2: The UnthinkableOur troops have 'defected' to the Rebel Alliance and now the Rebels want to evaluate our skills to find out if we're really as good as we say we are! (NOTE: This mission *must* be played as Rebels.)1
ERS-189FEL WON'T BE HAPPY!The Rebel Scums managed to blow up a huge Asteroid, the size of a moon, in the Bajic Sector. This as sent extremely large debris across a vast area where we have a Starbase and a Imperial Drive Yard. We failed to make contact with both stations. We are sending a reconnaissance force to investigate. 1
ERS-193OSII-3: Under False FlagsWe managed to get almost all of the pirates, but some got away and are hiding in the asteroid belt of this system. Chase them down!1
ERS-194VERY IMPORTANT CARGO.Vice-Admiral Jagged Fel is coming back from a secret rendez-vous with a Pirate Faction. He "convinced" them to support the Empire with Tibanna Gas. The gas and the Admiral are on Cargo ships. But it looks like his escort as been followed and things are about to get ugly. Prevent the enemy from destroying the Cargo ships... and the Admiral.1
ERS-195OUTNUMBEREDAfter hypering out in a Nebula, after technical difficulties. Some Imperial ships found out a hidden Rebel base and are now maneuvering to destroy it. 1
ERS-201OSII-4: RESEARCH RESCUEIn order to allow the commandos to land on the planet to rescue the scientists, the second task unit draws Harrsk's defences away from the planet by attacking a nearby system!1
ERS-207OSII-5: CONVOY COVERProtect the Rebel convoy against Warlord Harrsk's attacks, so that the resupply operation can get the Rebel scientists the supplies they need!1
ERS-211SOMETHING IS UP!A Renegade group informed us that the Rebels have managed to acquire dozens of TIE Bombers equipped with Imperial IFF Transponders. They have asked for help, in exchange for this information. But the fools made their diversion too early...1
ERS-216OSII-7: A Fine LineOur attempted attack on the Imperial hyperspace patrol failed and we've had to make an emergency hyperjump out. We need to navigate the asteroid field without being noticed so we can hype back to rebel space...1
ERS-224OSII-10: NIGHTMARESThe Pike as been pulled out from hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor. Fight waves of bombers in the defense of the Mon Calamari Cruiser.1
ERS-226OSII-11: RevelationHaving found what we need on Korriban, it's now time to leave...1
ERS-227DIVERSION"Captain! Our sensors picked up an Imperial fleet entering our defense perimeter... The VSD Transponder registers as the Striker. Captain, isn't System Force II on a mission light years away from here?" 1
ERS-239OSII-14: THE RETURNObsidian squadron arrives to a less than friendly welcome home from the Imperial Forces. We are nonetheless able to convince them of who we are, and Kardock transmitting from the shuttle definitely helped in that respect. The Pike is no doubt following us, so we've gotten the Chimaera to deploy its fighters and prepare for the attack...3
ERS-240SCIMITAR'S TRAINING GROUND #1Welcome to the Scimitar's Training Ground : In this mission you will train yourself in Capturing, Controlling and Destroying Resources.1
ERS-243DEFENSE OF YAGA MINORThe Republic Fools have attempted to surprise us and attack our only remaining shipyard at Yaga Minor.1
ERS-244SCIMITAR'S TRAINING GROUND #2In this mission. You will train yourself with very limited resources. You must face an enemy who has the advantage of the map and superior firepower.1
ERS-245SCIMITAR'S TRAINING GROUND #3Go out in the open to capture resources while protecting your Station from a whole bunch of enemy waves 1
ERS-246SCIMITAR'S TRAINING GROUND #4Defend your Station against an overpowered Rebel fleet heading straight your way. Time is a crucial factor.1
ERS-250KATANA DISCOVERYHistorical Mission. Replay the grab for a section of the legendary Katana fleet that had become separated from the main group.1
ERS-252FINAL STRIKEA team of our forces have warped out of hyperspace and are trapped in an asteroid belt by the Rebels. 1
ERS-253CONVOY AMBUSHA convoy carrying critical material for the Rebel war effort is heading your way. Destroy it at all costs! A significant Pirate presence should be expected as well as this is a prime ambush spot. Expect the Rebels to be alert.1
ERS-255XEWOKS RESEARCH FACILITYOur Research on Extreme Modified Ewoks, known as XEwoks have resumed. But not everyone likes the idea of having the little furry Super Weapons working for the Empire. A group of Pirates have sabotaged most of our Facility Defenses and have combined their forces with a large contingent of Rebel Forces....1