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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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GE Combat Chamber: Galactic Battlegrounds (GB) Simulations

ERS-66OS-2: Korriban ExplorationThe Imperial Army operates on Korriban... be prepared for surprises...1
ERS-70OS-3: Firefight Without LightSabotaged and plunged into darkness, the VSD Warhammer is under seige from pirate forces... The Imperial Army needs to take back its ship and hunt down every last one of the pirates...1
ERS-75OS-4: Muunilist AssaultInvade the planet Muunilist adding it back to the Empire!1
ERS-79OS-5: Muunilinst 3rd MoonWe've discovered a Rebel mining operation on the third moon of Muunilinst. It is a tremendously carbon-rich moon, so we shall wrest control of it away from the Rebels!1
ERS-83OS-6: Muunilinst 2nd MoonSecure the second moon of Muunilinst to gain complete control over the system.1
ERS-88OS-7: Geonosis Assault Phase 1The Empire is making its last stand in the sector. Geonosis must be taken at all costs. Land, build a base of operations and take out the local pirate outpost in preparations for the main assault into the pirate headquarters deeper into the planet.1
ERS-102OS-11: Geonosis FinaleThe Imperial Victory on Geonosis is nearly complete... Lead the Army to victory over the fractioned and scattered pirates!1
ERS-109OS-14: Dark Figure's DayTravel with the Dark Figure to get back a piece of the Sith Holocron!1
ERS-116OS-15: Tribal TroubleTwo primitive tribes are fighting over the place where an Imperial dive team needs to be set up to retrieve the holocron piece! Eliminate them to clear the way!1
ERS-126OS-18: Chimaera CaptureIt is time to take the Chimaera back from its hijackers!1
ERS-134OS-20: Muunilinst MiningThe Rebels are foolish enough to set up a mining facility at Muunilinst. Make them pay for their mistake...1
ERS-139OS-21: Asteroid EvacThe Imperial Army is in trouble on the asteroid base. Evacuate a number of the troopers to safety before the base is overrun!1
ERS-140OS-23: Prison Break!Rescue Imperial Prisoners from a lush forested world!1
ERS-149OS-25: Ysalimiri TheftLead six brave commandos on a mission to steal a Ysalimiri out from under Rebel noses!1
ERS-155OS-26: Airbase AssaultThe Imperial Army is assaulting a Rebel air defence platform high in the Muunilinst Atmosphere! Beware of anti-aircraft weaponry!1
ERS-158OS-27: Prison Break Again!The Imperial Army still hunts the Rebels imprisoning captured Imperial Troops. Take command of the ground forces on a remote moon to bring home our troops!1
ERS-163OS-28: Dantooine FinaleLead the forces of the Empire to victory over the Rebels on Dantooine, and recover the last holocron piece!3
ERS-176GE Simulation #176Recently, the Galactic Empire - Empire Reborn began mapping out the galaxy as it stands today. During their scan of the galaxy, they detected a Pirate Forces presence in the Geonosis area specifically in the first moon of Muunilist. The Pirate Forces made an attempt to claim the defenseless region as their own. However, Fleet Admiral Polanski has taken a personal interest in Geonosis and, as such, has ordered their presence be eradicated inmediately. The Imperial Army, under the direction of General Jansen and with the support of the Imperial Navy has been charged with leading the attack.3
ERS-183OSII-1: Ground ExercisesGround pounding isn't a navy officer's idea of a good time, and not only because they don't relish the snickers of the Army Troopers watching a bunch of Navy boys struggle with what is, after all, a trooper's home turf...1
ERS-187OSII-2: The UnthinkableOur troops have "defected" to the Rebel Alliance and now the Rebels want to evaluate our skills to find out if we're really as good as we say we are. They think we won't believe it, but they have more problems with pirates than the Empire. The pirates seem to think the Rebels are weaker, less organized, and more vulnerable to piracy... Here's a simulation they have for us from the past: We are to stop some pirates encroaching on the asteroid mining facility. 1
ERS-202OSII-4: Research RescueWith several groups of space units covering for them, a team of commandos must infiltrate Harrsk's prison facility and rescue some very important scientists!2
ERS-206OSII-5: Convoy CoverWe need to get lots of supplies to provide the materiel for the scientist team to complete their research, but we cannot simply walk into the local supply store and purchase what we need...1
ERS-215OSII-7: A Fine LineOur attack on the hyperspace platform was a disaster, but we managed to escape...1
ERS-217Operation Thunder Lion - Graduation2LT Davis Grant has nearly completed his requirements to graduate from the Imperial Academy. His last task is to complete a field exercise under supervision from a commanding officer. Grant was given the honor of having Major General Munro Burton oversee his live field exercise. Grant’s task: to lead a platoon on a mediocre patrol.1
ERS-223OSII-10: NIGHTMARESWe've reached Korriban, where Kyp Durron needs to pick up some equipment. There is a group of cultists on the surface which should be dealt with as well.1
ERS-225OPERATION THUNDER LION - PACIFICATIONAfter shipping out from Cardia, Lieutenant Grant has been given an assignment: subjugate a planet of farmers. Easy? Perhaps not.1
ERS-231OSII-13: THE RESCUEThis Force thing hasn't worked out in the slightest, and we now suspect the source has been misleading us, intentionally. Before New Republic central command finds out of our failure, we are going to go straight to the source and try to get some answers. Renzen has recently informed us that in fact the source the Rebels have is a member of Imperial Intelligence held prisoner, known only as Kardock. His rank within the organization is not known, but he is surely a valuable asset and must be rescued!1
ERS-235OSII-14: THE RETURNThe Rebels didn't appreciate our liberation of Kardock, so they followed us and landed ground forces. Protect the Planetary Ion Cannon at all costs!1
ERS-257OPERATION THUNDER LION - LIBERATIONLiberate Povin’s urban heartland and win the planet back for the Empire. 1