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The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn
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GE Combat Chamber: TIE Fighter (TIE) Simulations

ERS-1DOGFIGHT!Find and destroy the rebellious Rogue Squadron!1
ERS-2CALAMARI CRUISER ASSAULTAssist the Chimaera and your fellow wingmen in the destruction of a Mon Calamari!1
ERS-3KATANA ASSAULTFly T/B Theta alongside T/A Alpha and the ISD Chimaera to fend off eight dreadnaughts...1
ERS-4TYPLUSAssist the Imperial fleet in defeating the Rebel presence and gaining control of the Typlus system...!5
ERS-5AMBUSH AT BENGADIAssist the ISD Chimaera in fighting off a Rebel ambush, and destroying a M/FRG projecting a gravity well...!1
ERS-6GE Simulation #6Lead a team of Assault Gunboats to destroy a Rebel strike force...!1
ERS-7CAPTURE WHITTEN!The traitor Whitten has lured the Dominance to a rendezvous point with a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Troopers are to be transferred from the Striker in order to capture him. Meanwhile, Omicron and Kappa engage the rebels...1
ERS-8GE Simulation #8Fly a TIE Advanced alongside the ISD Chimaera to destroy a Rebel task force and suppy cache...!1
ERS-9SAVE THE OUTPOST!Fly a T/A as the ISD Chimaera and its fighters protect an Imperial outpost from attack...!1
ERS-10GE Simulation #10Fly a TIE Interceptor with Omicron Squadron to ward off an attack on the VSD Striker...!1
ERS-18SITUATION IN THE SLUIS SECTORThe VSD Striker has encountered a seemingly-lightly defended Calimari Cruiser near the rebel planet Sullust... Protect the Striker and assist in destroying the cruiser!1
ERS-21STRIKE AT KOENSAYRWe have recently learned the location of a major Koensayr Y-Wing production facility. Fly a variety of craft to destroy and capture starfighters & parts, while teaching the traitors a lesson...!5
ERS-23DESTROY THE PIRATE ORGANISATIONEliminate a pirate organization, protecting Imperial citizens & officers from their attacks...3
ERS-24SAVE THE ARTEMISEnsure that the Artemis can get her hyperdrives repaired while fending off a rebel attack...1
ERS-25A "STANDARD" BORDER PATROLYou will patrol the area around Buoy Alpha X-1 and the Chimaera. Be prepared for anything. Good luck!1
ERS-26DISSERTIONThe VSD Relentless has gone renegade! Fly a T/D to destroy its escort and disable it...1
ERS-27ORIONFly a T/A alongside three Star Destroyers and engage the "Orion Fleet", consisting of two rebel FRGs, a CRS and their starfighter escorts...1
ERS-28CRUSADERFly a T/F to destroy the fighter escort of FRG Crusader, then escort Kappa Squadron in destroying the Crusader itself...1
ERS-29HOME ONEFly a T/D and escort Kappa Squadron in an attack on the rebel CRS Home One...!1
ERS-31NERVE ASSAULTEliminate a new rebel threat originating from a secret rebel research facility... Fly a T/A against its fighter defenses and take them out step by step...3
ERS-39GE Simulation #39Fly a MIS to prevent a pirate attack on a convoy of cargo transports and civilians... After the transports are safe, wipe out any remaining pirate craft.1
ERS-40SAVE OUTPOST G-42A R&D facility has come under attack... The Chimaera is unable to reach it in time, and two M/CRVs are sent to deliver a single flight of T/Fs to hold off the attack until the flagship can arrive.1
ERS-41THE LAURIERRebel defectors stole a Strike Cruiser and will rendezvous with the Chimaera... Patrol the area in a T/A and make sure no one interferes.1
ERS-44ATTACK THE DREADNOUGHTS!Fly a T/A to destroy two rebel Dreadnoughts that are operating in the area and capture a rebel cruiser...!4
ERS-45OMICRON RISINGThe VSD Striker stumbles across a large amount of rebel activity in Unknown Regions. Fly as a member of Omicron Squadron to disrupt the rebel operations and forestall a massive assault against the Galactic Empire!4
ERS-46GE Simulation #46The Chimaera has been idenified by a Rebel Y-Wing... Follow & destroy it. Then, save the Chimaera from a rebel attack, fly a recon around a rebel listening base, capture the base & destroy a rebel VSD Task Force!5
ERS-48OMICRON WRATHOmicron Rising (INS45-B) continues... Hunt down the rebel fleet as they continue their assaults against Imperial installations, and drive them out of the sector!4
ERS-52BLACKJACKFly a MIS in a covert strike force made up of the most advanced starfighters of the Empire...4
ERS-55GE Simulation #55A force of Imperial starships have joined the rebels in their so-called cause... Fly a T/D to destroy the new rebels and all who try to oppose the Empire!1
ERS-56GE Simulation #56Rebel ships that stole Imperial technology are stranded in realspace... Engage them in your MIS before they can repair their hyperdrive!1
ERS-57GE Simulation #57Fly a T/A against many types of rebel and Imperial fighters to train your dogfighting skills.1
ERS-58GE Simulation #58A group of rebels has been discovered and marked for destruction... Some of the Imperial ships in the area may be traitors -- act as necessary!1
ERS-59GE Simulation #59Fly a T/A and defend two prototype T/Ds during a transfer operation... They are to be delivered to the Emperor, so you should make certain they arrive at their destination.1
ERS-62OS-1: Rebel convoy inspectionAs part of the Outer Sectors campaign... inspect the rebel convoy craft as they enter the area, before they leave. It is crucial that we find out about their plans...1
ERS-64OS-2: Convoy PursuitThe Chimaera is in pursuit of the convoy... it must be stopped! The Chimaera will need to defeat the convo escorts before resuming pursuit...1
ERS-71OS-4: Operation Deep StrikeThe Chimaera has flown to Contruum to try to stop the Rebels from securing the gravity well and possibly an interdictor!4
ERS-80OS-6: Chimaera CrunchThe Chimaera is disabled, awaiting repairs at Yaga Minor. Rebel fighters have jumped in at the disabled Chimaera! Don't let them destroy the flagship!1
ERS-84OS-7: Gunboat GrabHelp the VSD Warhammer capture GUNs from the Rebels, who would hand them over to the pirates!1
ERS-89OS-8: Scout SmashIota squadron, in T/As, takes on a Rebel scout force all on their own!1
ERS-95OS-10: Break the BlockadeThe Warhammer is headed to Ord Mantell to prevent the friendly planet from being blockaded!1
ERS-98OS-11: Reprisal Near DantooineThe Warhammer is doing a reprisal attack against a Rebel staging area near Dantooine!1
ERS-103OS-12: Warhammer EscapeThe VSD Warhammer is attempting to escape after last mission! Do not let it become trapped or destroyed...1
ERS-107OS-13: Refuel RunThe VSD Warhammer needs to refuel after its escape from the large Rebel force...1
ERS-112OS-14: Convoy HuntThe VSD Warhammer is attacking a convoy in order to find the "Infiltrator Wing" of Rebels masquerading as Imperials. Inspect all craft, and capture anything valuable, and destroy the rest.1
ERS-117OS-16: Hijacked!The ISD Chimaera has been hijacked from La Forge's promotion ceremony!1
ERS-120OS-17: Awaiting the ISDWe've received co-ordinates indicating the position of the ISD Chimaera... But can we trust them?1
ERS-123OS-18: Chimaera CaptureIt is time to take the Chimaera back from its hijackers!1
ERS-127OS-19: Asteroid BaseThe VSD Warhammer will be taking out an asteroid base that once belonged to Imperial Intelligence, but was hijacked by Rebels, then traitors...1
ERS-130OS-20: Blue Milk RunThe Chimaera gets to supervise a convoy arriving to the shipyard... Can it get any easier than this?2
ERS-135OS-21: Muunilinst RevengeThe ISD Chimaera is on its way to join with the ISD Nemesis to defeat the main rebel force around Muunilinst...1
ERS-141OS-24: Recon RunFly a T/A on a recon run of a Rebel rendez-vous!1
ERS-145OS-25: Capital CatchCatch a Calamari Cruiser off-guard and destroy it - but watch for a reprisal!2
ERS-151OS-26: Four-on-one!Help the ISD Chimaera escape a 4-on-1 trap!1
ERS-159OS-28: Shipyard FeintThe Rebels are trying to draw us to Yaga Minor, but we've seen through their simple trick! Iota Squadron will dispatch them in no time at all!1
ERS-167OS-30: Judgement DayFly with Iota Squadron and the rescue forces of the VSD Striker to lead the Empire to victory in the Outer Sectors!2
ERS-171REDEMPTION SCENARIOThis is a recreation of the famous Redemption scenario. A Rebel frigate is waiting to receive escapees from an Imperial prison.1
ERS-172RESCUE IMPERIAL CITIZENSWe have discovered that a group of Imperial citizens are being held in the Verno system. Lead your squadron and help liberate the prisoners!5
ERS-174SIGMA ASSIGNMENTAs a recruit fresh out of the Academy, fly with Sigma Squadron and the FRG Keplar for your first assignment.3
ERS-175CHORAX SCENARIOIn another simulation from the Rogue Squadron books, capture the Pulsar Skate near Chorax!1
ERS-177Locate LC MuscatJoin one of three recon teams trying to locate the missing Lieutenant Commander Muscat!1
ERS-181GE SIMULATION #181Contact has been lost with the Umian biological weapon research station. The Striker is being sent to investigate.4
ERS-184OSII-2: The UnthinkableOur troops have "defected" to the Rebel Alliance and now the Rebels want to evaluate our skills to find out if we're really as good as we say we are. The next such simulated training exercise will be conducted with our own equipment because we are familiar with it. We aren't sure what the Rebels will throw at us, but there's only one way to find out! 1
ERS-190OSII-3: Under False FlagsPirates have attacked a local platform. The platform's defences have repelled the attack, but they cannot pursue to stop the pirates. We've been sent ahead to take on the pirates because the ship could not make it, due to mechanical failure. We need to stop the pirates from escaping. 1
ERS-197SKY OF TATOOINEParticipate in the capture of Princess Leia's flagship over Tatooine!2
ERS-198OSII-4: Research RescueIn order to allow the commandos to land on the planet to rescue the scientists, Obsidian squadron is attacking a factory in system, while the main defences are drawn away by another group...2
ERS-203OSII-5: Convoy CoverProtect the Rebel convoy against Warlord Harrsk's attacks, so that the resupply operation can get the Rebel scientists the supplies they need!1
ERS-210OSII-6: Seek and DestroyedWe are scouting for a planet for the Rebel scientists to deploy their project. This target is a quiet PLT orbiting a habitable moon. We expect the greatest chance of success here...1
ERS-212OSII-7: A Fine LineThe moment all the infiltrators have dreaded is at hand...1
ERS-220OSII-9: CHOICESIt looks like the attack of the VSD Adamant was sufficient to slow us down, enough that we were ambushed by a serious Imperial Battlegroup! Fortunately for us, they didn't slow us down as much as they wanted to, and the Interdictor is a bit too close for the Imperials' comfort! We will only have one shot at escaping, and this is it! 1
ERS-228OSII-12: THE LEGENDArmed with all the information and tools we need for the great Force experiment, we are going to insert Kyp Durron on a public space station and see if this will actually work. Everything seems like it is authentic, so we are going ahead with it. Cover the Shuttle, and inspect all craft in the area. Report anything unusual.1
ERS-232OSII-13: THE RESCUEThis Force thing hasn't worked out in the slightest, and we now suspect the source has been misleading us, intentionally. Before New Republic central command finds out of our failure, we are going to go straight to the source and try to get some answers. Renzen has recently informed us that in fact the source the Rebels have is a member of Imperial Intelligence held prisoner, known only as Kardock. His rank within the organization is not known, but he is surely a valuable asset and must be rescued!1
ERS-236OSII-14: THE RETURNObsidian squadron arrives to a less than friendly welcome home from the Imperial Forces. We are nonetheless able to convince them of who we are, and Kardock transmitting from the shuttle definitely helped in that respect. The Pike is no doubt following us, so we've gotten the Chimaera to deploy its fighters and prepare for the attack...3
ERS-241THE REBEL CONNECTIONThis 3 missions Battle comes with an extensive storyline. Make sure you read the "PlotFile" file before you proceed. 3
ERS-242SAVE THE FIGHTING 181STSome of the Fighting 181st have been captured and sent to a Rebel Prison Facility. You are to fly in and provide cover as we release our pilots.1
ERS-247AMBUSHInvestigate a Rebel cruiser stranded in an asteroid field and deal with it.1
ERS-248REMEDIALFly a TIE Fighter in defense of one of our production facilities.6
ERS-249TRAININGImprove your skills in the Assault Gunboat! Protect the VSD Warhammer from starfighters launched by a Rebel Cruiser, then take on the cruiser itself. If you dare! 1