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Unit Reports:
ISD Chimaera

Chimaera Status Report -- 15 Febuary 2005
Submitted on 2005-02-15 by Commander La Forge

1) Ship Status
Roster: http://www.empirereborn.net/unit.php?id=6
Holonet Site: www.chimaera.empirereborn.net/
-(2) Ship Command Staff
-(18) Pilots
-(1) Flag Officer

2) Onboard Squadron Statuses
Membership: 5 officers
Last Report: 1/28/05
Lieutenant Stark states that he is looking into various mission editors so as to begin creating missions for Alpha Squadron. Ensign Guant has shown up on IRC every-so-often, but other than that, the squadron has been fairly quiet. Lieutenant Stark has requested that Sub-Lieutenant Phantom be transfered to the Reserves.

Membership: 9 officers
Last Report: 11 Feb 2005
Lt. Commander Muscat is still currently on leave, though he suspects he will be back quite soon (in fact, 15 Feb was the day he stated for his tenative return). Until then, 2LT Drazhar is still running the unit. Six of the nine officers of Iota have responded to the AWOL check. Mr. Drazhar also states that he has bought a new joystick, and is ready to tackle the Outer Sectors campain.

Membership: 4 officers
Lieutenant Commander Vortagh has recently taken command of Zeta. Joining him is an excellent core of old time members: Lieutenant Steel, Lieutenant Splatter, and Ensign Zwibble. Lt. Commander Vortagh reports that the GE FW faction has been voted on an accepted, and they are just now waiting for the offical server tag to be created. It can surely be assumed that all members of Zeta are active, as I have seen them on IRC or via email quite often (as it should be :P).

The rest of LC Vortagh's report (which contains a much larger list of stuff than I feel like retyping here) is on the MBs. Read it. Live it. Laugh at it. :P

3) Orders
Orders are similar to last week
-Get ready for the Outer Sectors campaign! Start flying TIE Fighter, XWA, whatever you want, but get those piloting skills up to date!
-Fly the "Find LC Muscat" missions! In addition to any medals that may be awarded at the squadron levels, I may award a medal to the first shipwide officer to find LC Muscat and report that into myself.
-Use Admin. This wonderful system is something that Fleet Admiral Polanski setup and I now have the pleasure (*cough*cough* :P) of helping in its design and contruction. I want everyone to log into Admin, retrieving their Authcodes first if need be, and play around with the controls you have assigned. If nothing else, it's good fun.

4) AWOL Check results
I recently conducted an AWOL check result for the Chimaera. Below is a list of all officers who have reported in. For those that haven't, I would expect that you do so ASAP. AWOL requests will come with in the next week.

The List:
CL Calder*
CM La Forge
2LT Steel
LC Vortagh
LC Muscat
2LT Splatter
EF Zwibble
SL O'Moran
SL Tycho
EN Daniel Russell
EN Alex
SL Tornado
LT Stark

*Right, unless he's died out at sea, the good Captain is still with us, I'm sure. ;-)

5) Activities
I want to reiterate this from last time as well, as I feel it is a valuable list to have on hand:
Things you can do as an officer onboard the Chimaera, as excerpted from the Chimaera Holonet Site:

Internal Unit Activities
Contact commanding officer
Contact Unit Members
Assist in running unit
Platform Specific Activities
Complete missions for offical credit
Mission/level creation for various platforms
Participate in multiplayer games and campaigns run by senior staff
Other Communication Activities
Post on Galactic Empire Message Boards
Use AOL Instant Messanger to contact other officers
Use IRC to participate in free chat, as well as attend offical events
Multimedia Creation Activities
Write fiction about your unit, ship, or the Empire as a whole.
Create Empire- or Imperial-themed graphics, such as a banner, desktop wallpapers, file icons, ect
Create a personal website for your character, or assist in the create

6) Personal Report
Well, this past reporting period has been quite interesting. A new campaign has started, more members have flowed in from various places, and lo and behold, yours truly (almost-) broke the database. More on that below. :-P

In any event, I can't say I have done anything outside the norm, really. A few more Admin scripts are awaiting approval, a large number of emails of various content went out to the ship, and things have kept on rolling. Nice and quiet. I did, however, play a few ladder matchs in XWA - I was leading the ladders, last time I checked. ;-)

7) Quote of the Week
For some reason, this is tradition in the GE, and as such, I feel I must contribute. Complaints may be directed to trash recepical #155 on Deck 14, Section 5.

Special note: For those of you who are wondering exactly what Admiral Fel said when he found out what my Station Cadets script did to the officers table, here you are. :P

Fel> Look at the Zeta roster! :P
Fel> The whole Navy roster is fscked! :P
La_Forge> Is it really? :P
La_Forge> Jeez. :P
Fel> Everybody in the whole Navy is now EN with Zeta 1-3! :P
Fel> In fact, everyone in the GE! :P
La_Forge> Uh-oh. :P
La_Forge> This is... not good. :P
Fel> Perkele.
La_Forge> Very.
Fel> You're fired. :P

And there we are. Laugh, eat, be merry (for tomorrow you will die! -- That particular line came from a movie; not quite sure which. I'll get back to you when I find out).

That's all, folks.

For the Glory of the Empire!

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