The Royal Guard

Mysterious. Imposing in their blood-red robes and armour. Loyal beyond question to the Empire. This is the Imperial Royal Guard...

The Royal Guard is not just a simple stormtrooper. A Guardsman, dressed in blood red robes and armor, is selected for his skill, intelligence and loyalty. The Royal Guard has been so secretive that its numbers have been said to range from fifty to thousands. The Royal Guardsman are fighters, assassins, and protectors, as those wish who command them. Wielding the force pike, rumored as deadly as the blasters carried beneath the robes, rumors appear that the upper echelons may have a dark side power.

The Imperial Royal Guard is the elite force of the Imperial Army, which requires skill assessment to join in the protection of the Emperor and the Supreme Commander. The Royal Guard is a brotherhood of the hardest and mightiest fighters within the Army, it is nothing less than an honor to be within its ranks.

Key Officers

Commander of the Army

[ To be announced ]

Captain of the Royal Guard

[ To be announced ]

Units of the Royal Guard

Praetorian Guard

Lieutenant of the Guard: RG-G1E Jagged Fel - HN: