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Imperial Academy Report #3
Submitted on 2003-09-18 by Vice Admiral Jansen

Imperial Academy Report 09-18-03

- All XvT unit cadets have been placed with the rest soon to be.

- JKII now a platform in the GE Legion. I hope to see this help in the number of stormtroopers. Lots of certifications for this..:-)

Total Naval Cadets: 163

Total Legion Cadets: 78

Navy Cadet Graduations: 37 (Total Navy Cadets awaiting placement)

Legion Cadet Graduations: 11 (Total Legion JTRs awaiting placement)

-Imperial Navy Officers Certification: 3
-Tie Certification: 0
-XvT Certification: 0
-XWA Certification: 0
-JK Certification: 0
-JKII Cerification: 9

Total Academy Cadets: 241

Vice Admiral Jacob Jansen
Imperial Academy Commandant
"Service. Fealty. Fidelity"

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