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Imperial Academy Report #2
Submitted on 2003-08-06 by Vice Admiral Jansen

Imperial Academy Report 08-06-03

Since my last report, I have completed an AWOL check of my own. I have gotten many responses and many requests to be removed. Below are the following removals.

Naval Cadet Gilpin -
Naval Cadet Khonda -
Naval Cadet Zetar -
Naval Cadet Jaco -
Naval Cadet Jang -
Naval Cadet Aristoi -
Naval Cadet Rukkeph -
Naval Cadet Mephista -
Naval Cadet Beherrscht -
Naval Cadet Beauchamp -
Naval Cadet Henly -
Naval Cadet USGrant -
Naval Cadet Adams -
Naval Cadet Benson -
Naval Cadet Storm -
Legion Cadet Celestia -
Legion Cadet Eachern -
Legion Cadet Gerana -
Legion Cadet Gin -
Legion Cadet Korynn -
Legion Cadet Morasch -
Legion Cadet Mxty -
Legion Cadet Triton -
Legion Cadet Yar -

Total Naval Cadets: 154

Total Legion Junior Troopers: 70

Navy Cadet Graduations: 43 (Total Navy Cadets awaiting placement)

Legion Junior Trooper Graduations: 8 (Total Legion JTRs awaiting placement)

-Imperial Navy Officers Certification: 1
-Tie Certification: 0
-XvT Certification: 0
-XWA Certification: 0
-JK Certification: 0

Total Academy Cadets: 224

Service. Fealty. Fidelity

Vice Admiral Jacob Jansen
VA Jansen / / / Academy
Imperial Academy Commandant


Academy Mentor Program Report
August 1st 2003
Chief Mentor, Commander Z. Orzon

All mentors have been doing fairly well and the Mentor Programs are continued to work effiecently. My time will however be directed more closely with the Navy now that Lt. Commander Wedge has taken over the Legion Program.

This will be the final report with the Legion mentors in it due to Lt. Commander Wedge taking over that program.

Mentor Activity:

Chief Mentor Z. Orzon
-Finalizing mentor lists
-Keeping track of all mentor activities

Deputy Wedge
-Just took reigns of the Legion Mentor Program

Navy Mentor Program

TIE Mentor LaForge
-Letters sent
-Was on leave

XvT Mentor Laithlis
-Not much heard while he was here
-On leave now

XWA Mentor Steel
-Letters sent

Personal Mentor Washington
-Doing exceptional in his work
-Contacting each cadet personally

Legion Mentor Program:

JK Mentor Catman
-Letters sent

JK Mentor Fel
-Letters sent

End Note
Please CC me your letters so I know you have been doing something. We do not want a second version of a report again. For you Legion mentors, please begin CCing Lt. Commander Wedge.

Service. Fealty. Fidelity.

-Commander Z. Orzon
CM ZOrzon /// Academy
Prefect of the Imperial Academy
Chief of the Navy Mentor Program
Office of the Prefect:

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