Galactic Empire Officer Profile #155

Fleet Admiral Tiberius "Kamikaze" Fel

FA Fel / SecGroup 1 SG-FO / ISD Chimaera / Imperial Navy
Rank Insignia Rank Insignia Rank Insignia
[OE] [LSM-19S] [LoP] [GS] [SS] [BS] [IS-G-6P] [MoM]x6
[AAE-PB-3P] [AAE-GB-1P] [AAE-SB-1P] [MoC-5S] [MoT-PG]
Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces (SC)
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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Place of birth: Canada
Marital status: Single
Social status: No data provided
Phobias and allergies: None
Full Biography: Here
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Fleet Admiral Fel's Uniform
Tie Defender "Bane"
Description:  Fel has owned the T/D called Bane since he became Imperial Navy Fleet Commander. He obtained it through means not entirely clear, but it was indeed a rarity. Though he does fly it from time to time, it mostly remains aboard the ISD Nemesis in pristine condition.