GE Combat Chamber: Mission Details

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   Ge Simulation #39
  Code   ERS-39
Platform   TIE Fighter (TIE)
Description   Fly a MIS to prevent a pirate attack on a convoy of cargo transports and civilians... After the transports are safe, wipe out any remaining pirate craft.
No. of Missions   1
No. of Completions   34
Creator(s)   Mission 1: Broliv
High Scores   Overall: 55022 - Zwibble
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Average Rating  [ 3 ]

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Author & Comments
CM La Forge / 2005-04-16
An interesting mission, but not very hard once you get the hang of the Missle Boat. The last two capital ships you have to destroy are also very easy (4 MIS against a DREAD? Piece of cake). Taking out T/Ds with concussion missiles is good fun, though. All in all, an okay mission. There are better, though.