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   Operation: Thunderchild
  Code   ERS-150
Platform   X-Wing Alliance (XWA)
Description   The New Republic has been steadily enlarging its production capabilities via large scale space platforms. Imperial High Command fears that with the higher-level capabilities the new facilities will bring may severely hurt the Empire's chances in the core worlds. Operation: Thunderchild is a surgical strike against the production facilities in the Rebel-held Bothuwai system.
No. of Missions   4
No. of Completions   6
Creator(s)   Mission 1: La Forge
  Mission 2: La Forge
  Mission 3: La Forge
  Mission 4: La Forge
High Scores   Overall: 6067 - Mar
    - Mission 1: 1518 - Mar
    - Mission 2: 1439 - Antillies
    - Mission 3: 201 - Burton
    - Mission 4: 3283 - Mar
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